Dealing with addictions in virtual reality

Treat addictions in virtual reality
Virtual reality has allowed us to recreate familiar environments for consumers of tobacco, alcohol and drugs to confront them in virtuos with their troubles and to help them cure their addictions. C2Addict also includes environments dedicated to gambling addiction.

Everything is set up to recreate places that are conducive to the use of alcohol, drugs or even tobacco. Guided by his therapist, the patient learns to identify the environments and places that generate the desire to consume in order to finally control his impulse.

Beyond the healing of the patient, it is for the therapist to work on the risks of relapse, to identify the causes and to adapt, consequently, its treatment (psychological or medicinal). See scientific publications

virtual environments alcoholism, smoking

Controlling tobacco or alcohol addiction

Virtual environments that contain indications related to smoking or alcohol cause an strong desire in the dependent patient.

Immerge patients in these virtual environments aims to confront them to their addictive desires so they become fully aware and that their therapist helps them to detach themselves.

We also continue to work with several academic teams on the triggering of craving and the development of new applications dedicated to addictions.

Situations that trigger the urge to drink

The desire to drink, for alcohol-dependent patients, often occurs in social places, or in relaxing environments. Virtual environments offer situations that recreate feelings similar to those generated in these places.

The patient can be immersed in a living room and can choose his favorite alcohol. It is also possible to sit the patient at a bar counter or coffee terrace.

Situations that trigger the desire to drink
craving craving virtual reality

Situations that trigger the urge to smoke or play

For smokers who quit smoking, waiting, relaxing or confronting other smokers often triggers the need to light a cigarette.

The urge to use drugs or gambling is also linked to environments / places that trigger the need to consume or play. C2Addict allows the therapist to expose his patient to these places and situations triggering craving.

The benefits of these new therapies are many: infinite repetitive scenes, real-time work on craving, saving time by avoiding trips outside the office, identifying environments and contexts that trigger the most desire to consume or play.

Virtual environments available for the treatment of addictions

Tobacco – Places that trigger the urge to smoke or buy

At home

At a coffee terrace

A bus stop

At a tobacconist

Alcohol – Places that trigger the urge to drink or buy

At a Supermarket

At home (with several choices of alcohols)

At a bar counter

Other miscellaneous drugs and gambling addiction

A casino with different gambling activities

A home (with several drug choices)