Treating addictions with virtual reality

Thanks to virtual reality, we have created virtual ecological settings for the treatment of tobacco, alcohol, gambling and drug addictions.
We have developed optimal contexts for the in virtuo treatment of addictions, to transfer the therapeutic benefits into your patients’ lives.
The environments have been studied to spark off the patient’s craving. They will trigger the same cognitive, emotional and behavioural reactions as those they experience everyday because of their addiction.
C2Addict allows you to expose your patient in the safe and confidential setting of your own practice.

You can access the free demo version of all C2Addict environments by creating a MyC2Care account. This space also gives you access to our subscription packages.

virtual environments alcoholism, smoking

C2Addict: Comprehensive addiction treatment

Thanks to the realism of the environments, the problematic cognitions, emotions and behaviours underlying the addiction can be triggered in the practice. Stimuli relating to the use of the substance provide the opportunity to assess the severity of the craving.

Effective exposure is made possible by creating ecological contexts. In virtuo exposure thus avoids the ethical and environmental limits of imaginal and in vivo exposure in addictology.

Target the craving !

Our environments result from cooperation between our scientific team and academics specialising in addictology.

They have been designed and created to assess, treat and prevent risks of relapse by bringing the craving to the fore. Different contexts can be accessed depending on the targeted pathology: bars, home, casinos. Situations conducive to the emergence of permissive thoughts are proposed (waiting, home, social contexts) and the patient can choose the stimuli that most generate the craving.

Situations that trigger the desire to drink
craving craving virtual reality

Addictology and VRET: what the research says

The efficacy of in virtuo therapies in addictology treatment has been the topic of numerous studies.
Some authors recently underlined the advantages of virtual reality compared to imaginal exposure: virtual reality generates considerably more automatic dysfunctional thoughts. This is a clinically relevant tool in cognitive restructuring work.

These studies also show that the intensity of the craving experienced during in virtuo exposure is the same as during in vivo exposure, with enhanced therapeutic engagement in virtual reality exposure therapies.

In virtuo therapies are approved for exposure in tobacco, drug, alcohol and gambling addictions and deliver significant results making them highly beneficial for clinical use.

Available virtual environments for the treatment of addictions

  • Tobacconist’s
  • Café terrace
  • Bus stop

  • Supermaket aisle

  • Kitchen (exposure to alcohol/drugs/tobacco)

  • Casino

At the bar
At a tobacconist's
Glass of whisky
At a bus shelter
Cigarette coffee