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The C2Custom application allows you to personalise your treatments by giving your patients access to a whole array of
exposure environments.
This software allows you to view images, videos and 360° videos that you can easily import from the Internet to project them in different formats.
C2Custom is a complement to the C2Care software suite enabling therapists to maximise their treatments: be it phobias, addictions, eating disorders or relaxation, thanks to C2Custom you can set up photo, video or 360° video environments perfectly suited to your patient’s sometimes very specific needs.
You can access the free demo version of C2Custom by creating a MyC2Care account.


Case study : Treating the fear of storms

Brontophobia is a very specific phobia. With C2Custom, you can trigger anxiety in your patient by showing them storm sequences from the Internet on a giant screen.
The software makes these pictures and videos fully immersive and the exposure is very progressive. Choose videos of small or big storms, or even 360° videos, depending on the patient’s degree of anxiety and tolerance.

Access to Alternating Bilateral Stimulation

C2Custom is also intended for therapists who use Alternating Bilateral Stimulation (BLS).
These therapies use bi-alternating sensory stimulation as well as auditory stimuli that we have recreated in a dedicated environment.
The controllers provided with the virtual reality headset replace the buzzers and can simply be held by the patient.
virtual reality and alternating bilateral stimuli
Software Controller

PTSD: A specific environment for each patient

Anxiety disorders have a multifactorial origin that is unique to each individual.
When you have to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, the accessibility of the anxiety-provoking context is a real problem because of the uniqueness of each case.
C2Custom allows you to meet this very specific request: import photos from all over the world, photograph or film the appropriate contexts yourself or download videos that will allow efficient support of PTSD.

VRET and PTSD: what the research says

Many researchers have focused their attention on the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress.
Research has not only found VRET to be as efficient as confirmed conventional therapies (CBT, EMDR) on the general disorder, but some authors have also highlighted the superiority of virtual reality when it comes to reducing symptoms of depression and interferences in social life. Furthermore, Botella (2015) underlined the high degree of compliance and satisfaction of patients treated for PTSD with VRET. In a study by ROY (2016), VRET obtained significant results compared to conventional exposure when applied to traumatized veterans.
Research has produced compelling results evidencing the benefits of using virtual reality with patients suffering from Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder.
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