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Add all the content you want in virtual reality

C2Custom is a virtual reality software directly linked to C2Services. This software allows you to watch images, videos and 360° videos in different formats via internet or directly imported from your computer. C2Custom is a complement to C2Care software, in order to allow therapists to add themselves the media they wish to expose to their patients.

Whether it’s phobias, addictions, eating disorders or relaxation, with C2Custom you can set up photo, video or 360° video environments that perfectly match your patient’s needs – sometimes very specific -. The openness to the internet and its resources make C2Custom the ultimate tool for customizing your patients’ virtual reality experiences.


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Case study : Treating the fear of storms

Brontophobia is a specific phobia. Few environments already exist to treat this disorder. With C2Custom, you take advantage of a giant screen to broadcast storm sequences found on the net to trigger anxiety in the patient.

The software makes these images and videos totally immersive and the exposure very gradual. Depending on the anxiety and tolerance level of the patient you can search for videos with small, large storms, or even 360 degree videos.

Access to alternating bilateral stimuli

C2Custom is also intended for therapists who practice Bilateral Alternate Stimulation (BAS). These therapies use bi-alternative sensory stimulation as well as auditory stimuli that we have recreated in a dedicated environment. The controllers provided with the virtual reality headset replace the buzzers, they can be simply held by the patient.
C2Custom software is very easy to use and fully opens up the application fields of virtual reality to new domains.
virtual reality and alternating bilateral stimuli