Treating amaxophobia with virtual reality

Healing amaxophobia

Expose your patients safely to treat the fear of driving

Virtual reality has allowed us to recreate familiar environments for drivers and passengers to confront them in virtuo with their fear of driving or being driven.

C2Drive software is designed for healthcare professionals who encounter patients suffering from amaxophobia; our solution is designed for both the driver and the passenger of the vehicle.

Excessive fear of driving is very often complicated to treat, virtual reality allows the patient to be exposed safely and gradually to an environment selected by the therapist.

Healing amaxophobia

C2Drive: Treating the fear of driving safely

C2Drive virtual reality software is used with a virtual reality headset, steering wheel and pedalset. The patient’s immersion is gradual and monitored.

Gradually and safely, the patient is exposed to driving situations that he fears. Exposure can be stopped at any time and personalized by the therapist for an adapted and progressive therapy.

C2Drive software is used with an Oculus Rift headset, steering wheel and pedalset.

Example, the fear of night driving

C2Drive immerses the patient in environments that allow him/her to gradually treat, in a situation, the fear of driving or being driven.

Depending on the patient’s anxiety, it is possible to expose him during a night driving situation; you also have the possibility to increase traffic density and modify weather conditions: rain, fog, traffic jams, trucks…

Exposure exercises can therefore be performed in different ways. An automatic driving mode is also available.

Healing amaxophobia
Healing amaxophobia

Another situation is the fear of getting on the highway

Integration and then rapid driving on motorways are situations that many drivers or passengers are aware of. Experienced “in virtuo” by the patient, this situation can finally be worked on and treated in complete confidentiality and safety within your office.

Panicked at the idea of driving in a tunnel, refusing to take the highway, driving in heavy traffic… All his situations are now available in virtual reality on C2Drive.

Environments and options available for the treatment of amaxophobia

Daytime highway

Passenger option

Night highway