Treating amaxophobia with virtual reality

The fear of driving is a common phobia, but it can be difficult to treat by in vivo exposure.
Thanks to virtual reality, we have created environments realistically simulating anxiety-provoking contexts for drivers and passengers suffering from vehicle-related phobia.
The C2Drive software allows you to safely expose your patients to exhaustive environments. The different features assist the healthcare professional in treating amaxophobia by offering optimal virtual reality therapy.
You can access the free demo of all the C2Drive environments by creating a MyC2Care account. This space also gives you access to our subscription packages.
Healing amaxophobia

C2Drive: realism in complete safety!

The C2Drive software is used with a virtual reality headset, a steering wheel and pedals, to fully simulate automotive driving.
You will be able to expose your patients progressively and in complete safety to a host of phobia-inducing contexts. To offer suitable and progressive therapy, the healthcare professional controls the weather stimuli, the driving situation (day/night) and the patient’s virtual position in the car (driver or passenger). Several situations are available in C2Drive, allowing you to target your patients’ difficulties: joining the motorway, traffic jams, overtaking trucks, etc. Our complete range of environments provides optimal exposure.
The high degree of realism guarantees an ideal simulation of motoring situations. The in virtuo exposure is your ideal therapeutic ally to treat the fear of driving in complete safety.

Another situation, the fear of joining the motorway

Joining a motorway and driving at speed are situations that many drivers and passengers dread. When experienced “in virtuo” by the patient, this situation can at last be worked on and treated in complete confidentiality and safety at your practice.
A whole range of situations are now available in virtual reality on C2Drive such as panicking at the thought of driving through a tunnel, or refusing to use the motorway or to drive in heavy traffic.
Healing amaxophobia
Healing amaxophobia

Amaxophobia and VRET: what the research says

The fear of driving is a relatively common phobia and is a handicap for those who suffer from it. While researchers agree that in vivo exposure is effective in reducing the disorder, they emphasise the lack of safety due to the nature of the exposure (for both patient and therapist). Several studies have assessed the treatment of amaxophobia with virtual reality and the results have shown that anxiety can indeed be triggered with virtual environments.
An in virtuo-in vivo combination optimises the therapeutic gains. Furthermore, qualitative analyses have shown that engagement in therapy is made easier thanks to the safety this method offers.

Available environments and options for the treatment of amaxophobia

Motorway by day
Motorway at night


Passenger option


Heavy traffic
heal the fear of tunnels
fear of driving at night
Healing amaxophobia
heal the fear of driving on the highway