Treatment of eating disorders in virtual reality

To treat dysmorphophobia, anorexia, obesity or food compulsions in virtual reality

Developed in close collaboration with our scientific teams composed of nutritionists, dieticians and university physicians, the C2Nutri application opens the fields of virtual reality applications to patients suffering from eating disorders.

We are thus working on the difficulties related to dysmorphophobia as well as on rebalancing the behaviour with food. The C2Nutri application is also aimed at all patients suffering from eating disorders (obesity, anorexia, bulimia) wishing to regulate or correct their eating habits. See scientific publications

Composition of virtual reality meal trays

Composition of meals in virtual reality

The C2Nutri application enables patients and therapists to work together on the development and real-time composition of meals.

From more than 80 foods, choose:

Snacks (chips, peanuts …), drinks (beer, cola, water …), starters (grated carrots, chicken rillettes …), a dish (hamburger, codfish filet …) (pasta, rice, green beans, broccoli …) and desserts (Emmental, vanilla cream, fruit …)

Allow patients to compose their typical meals, and visualize in real time the nutritional values of each food and the full meal. This will allow you to correct or improve the quality of the established meal and gradually rebalance the eating habits of your patients.

Place his silhouette and BMI in virtual reality

Therapists can work with patient dysmorphophobia by allowing them to visualize different silhouettes so that they feel the one they look like / would like / would not like to look like.

The work on the real, perceived, desired silhouettes is greatly facilitated with the virtual reality thanks to the comparison with an avatar and the possibility for the patient to evolve his silhouette in real time. The therapist can observe the BMI evolved and guide the patient.

dysmorphophobia virtual reality
supermarket shelves virtual reality

Correcting your bad eating habits

Immersion in supermarket shelves allows therapists to see what patients’ nutritive habits are and what their strongest impulses are.

The virtual reality allows you to accompany your patients in virtuo in the shelves of a supermarket in order to guide them in the choice of the best foods and the decryption of the product labels. At the end of this session, you will be able to give your patients a food balance-sheet consisting of menus adapted to their plan and a shopping list.

Virtual environments available for the treatment of eating disorders

Comparison with a body avatar with the possibility of choosing a precise BMI (perceived silhouette / real silhouette.)

Confrontation with several food families (sodas, chocolate bars, fast food, sweets, snacks, etc.)

Composition of meals and development of personalized food programs

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Dysmorphophobia body representation virtual reality
Virtual reality fast food
Body representation virtual reality waist circumference