Treating phobias in virtual reality

Treating phobias in virtual reality

How to cure phobias in virtual reality ?

C2Phobia software is composed of more than 70 exposure environments. See scientific publications.
Free access to the demo version of all C2Phobia environments by creating an account MyC2Care. Discover, with a virtual reality headset or simply on your computer screen, the C2Phobia software. This space will also give you access to our subscription packages.
The benefits of virtual reality are numerous: patient safety, no travel outside the office, comfort of care, confidentiality, better scaling of environments and the ability to repeat scenes over and over again.
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C2Phobia: An advanced technology to treat anxiety disorders

Recognized as a CE medical device, C2Phobia software is easy to use and easy to learn. The treatment of the most common phobias and anxiety disorders are accessible from your C2Services interface to gradually and safely expose your patients. Would you like to test this software? Go to MyC2Care and access a free version of our entire software suite.
Access to our software also offers you the possibility to expose your patients, in virtual reality, at home; thanks to our Visio tool, follow, expose and treat your patients even from a distance !

Example of a practical case: How to treat vertigo?

Thanks to the virtual environments of C2Phobia, the exposure at different heights is very easy.
Depending on the patient’s anxiety and tolerance, you can expose him to the ground or facing a building (to apprehend the heights around him) and at different heights, from the first to the 15th floor to the roof of a skyscraper.
Exposure exercises can be done in different ways. Go out on balconies, use a glazed exterior elevator or go from one building to another via configurable walkways (with low walls, ropes or no protection).
Treat virtual reality vertigo
Treating virtual reality agoraphobia

Another situation: How to treat agoraphobia ?

Several situations can cause agoraphobic feelings of severe stress and disability in everyday life, including public places, crowds or public transport.

The C2Phobia solution includes several therapeutic environments reproducing the places in which patients experience anxiety.

It is thus possible to dive into virtual reality and to go to a metro station, then into a more or less frequented car. Other situations immerse you in a railway station, in a driving bus, or in a train trip.

Virtual environments available for the treatment of phobias









School phobia



Fear of public speaking




Fear of pigeons

Fear of dogs

Fear of cats

Fear of the hospital