Virtual Reality Physiotherapy

Kinesitherapy in virtual reality

Functional and vestibular rehabilitation in virtual reality

Developed in partnership with a scientific team composed of physiotherapists, our C2Physio solution uses virtual reality to immerse the patient in an environment allowing the evaluation of mobility, vestibular rehabilitation and functional rehabilitation (upper and lower limbs).

Numerous scientific publications are now available on therapeutic solutions in virtual reality and physiotherapy.

vestibular disorders virtual reality

A unique solution for vestibular physiotherapy

C2Physio app finally allows physiotherapists to equip their office with a unique software recreating all the environments necessary for the treatment of vestibular disorders

Several exercises are available and customizable for each patient :

  • Visuals of vection
  • Visual flow (tunnel)
  • Optokinetic stimulation
  • Travel sickness
  • Vertigo

New applications for functional rehabilitation

C2Physio offers new rehabilitation programs to propose playful exercises so that the patient exercises by himself.

Obility and proprioception can be evaluated through environments that allow the calculation of precise movements. All exercises can be repeated and are customizable for each session.

Playful and interactive, virtual reality also allows the patient to focus his attention on the objective of “play”, it reduces his fear of pain related to the repetition of movements.

virtual reality rehabilitation programs
Spine and upper limb rehabilitation in virtual reality

Upper limb physiotherapy

Discover upper limb rehabilitation with C2Care and C2Physio software.
In collaboration with physiotherapists and orthopaedic surgeons, we have developed a new virtual reality environment that allows you to create and configure the rehabilitation exercise of your choice, according to your patient, and to monitor the progress and results of the session performed. Each session is personalized. Care is made easier. The patient is autonomous. You follow and monitor each of the patient exercises.
New exercises for limb rehabilitation will also be available during the next update of our software. More information? Contact our teams or request a free trial.
Ball facet
Vestibular tunnel