Reduce stress and anxiety with virtual reality

Reduce stress and anxiety with virtual reality

Manage your emotions and relax with virtual reality

When stress and anxiety become chronic, they can generate many disorders (cardiovascular, cognitive, neurological, dermal …) until they become blockers and generators of panic attacks, OCD, phobias or even depressions.

The environments proposed by C2Hypno have been developed in close collaboration with University Health Centres and many psychologists, hypnotherapists and sophrologists.

All the relaxation scenes are accompanied by sound environments selected for their relaxing properties or by voices guiding the release of patients.

Relaxation solution for letting go

C2Hypno: The best solution to let go

The relaxation sessions C2Hypno last on average 20 minutes but can stop at any time and be repeated infinitely. Can be used alone as well as in conjunction with C2Phobia or C2Addict products, it can regulate breathing, heart rate and, more generally, the mood of patients during and after the session.

In anxiety and stress-generating care, for example, at the dentist, the use of virtual reality becomes evident: both to help the patient better live the care and to facilitate the act of the surgeon. Early studies reveal a real appeasement of the patient equipped with the virtual reality headset, and even more, a reduction in pain. The care is more pleasant for the surgeon, as for his patient.

Relaxing sound environments in virtual reality

All our relaxation environments are enriched with audio landscapes, corresponding to the places visited (songs of birds in a park or sound of waves on the beach or the creek).

Several customization options are available for environments. You will be able to activate or not a hypnotic speech to help the patient to relax quickly and propose to him to listen to the classical music throughout its relaxation.

relaxing sounds in virtual reality
Relax with breathing

Better breathing for better relaxation

The inspiration and the exhalation are represented by a bust which allows to control its speed of breathing and to regulate its heart rate. The bubbles accompany the patient in the loosening taken as if evacuating his stress.

More and more wellness professionals are also reverting to us. Beauty Centers, Weight Loss Centers, Institutes … With a virtual reality headset, the patient takes the time of care for a meditation session. The benefits are many: you offer a moment of relaxation to your patients who come off more quickly to evacuate stress and nervousness, the comfort of the care is optimized without incurring significant additional costs.

Relaxation landscapes available for relaxation in virtual reality

By the sea

A walk in the forest

The earth seen from space

Hot air balloon trip

Holidays at the beach

Large bowl of oxygen

Stroll in the park

A snowy garden

Fireworks at the castle

The place with the fountains

Scuba diving

A creek

An Asian garden

On the way to the waterfall