Reduce stress and anxiety with virtual reality

Emotion regulation and relaxation by virtual reality

Stress and anxiety are often among the causes of physiological and psychological disorders. Whether pathological or simply a dark cloud hanging over your patients’ lives, C2Hypno will support you in their treatment. You will be able to trigger positive emotions and foster a peaceful state of mind thanks to the various available environments.

Optimize your mindfulness, sophrology, hypnosis and relaxation sessions with environments created through cooperation between our scientific team and specialists in relaxation and hypnosis (psychologists, hypnotherapists, sophrologists).

You can access the free demo version of all the C2Hypno environments by creating a MyC2Care account. This space also gives you access to our subscription packages.

Relaxation solution for letting go

C2Hypno: The software with multiple qualities

C2Hypno is an effective adjuvant to conventional therapies. The proposed environments and features will interoperate with your therapeutic methods and other C2Care software.
Reducing markers of anxiety and stress maximises the success of therapy: immerse your patients in virtual environments propitious to learning breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques.
Thanks to multisensory stimulation, positive emotions can easily be triggered and will reduce the perception of pain during medical procedures while relieving the inherent stress.
Prepare your patients for peaceful sleep by stimulating their mental imaging skills and ability to breathe calmly.

Used in conjunction with other C2Care software, you can perform systematic desensitization. Relaxing environments will be the perfect setting to familiarise your patients with virtual reality or to end your consultations on a positive note.

Multisensory environments thanks to virtual reality

To facilitate patient acceptance and to meet their needs, C2Hypno allows you to choose from a whole range of environments (mountains, sea, forests, parks, etc.). The virtual settings are enhanced with auditory stimulation consistent with the environment (bird song, wave sounds, etc.) and will facilitate immersion and the sense of presence. You can customise the applications with the hypno option: activate soft and soothing words or add classical music to your session.

relaxing sounds in virtual reality
Relax with breathing

In virtuo cardiac coherence

To make cardiac coherence exercises easier to learn, you can offer your patients assistance in the virtual environment: a bust with a rocking bar represents inspiration and expiration to encourage breathing exercises. Bubbles will enhance relaxation work by helping to visualise the process of loosening up.

VRET and relaxation: what the research says

Scientific literature highlights the importance of using virtualreality in protocols including relaxation. Navarro-Haro (2017) showed how immersing patients in a relaxing virtual environment significantly reduced their negative emotions. A study by the same author in 2019 highlighted how combining VR and Mindfulness was significantly more effective than Mindfulness alone. Furthermore, Oncology and Algology research has produced pertinent data on the use of virtual reality in reducing pain, stress and improving wellness. Researchers underline the efficacy of virtual reality as a stand-alone therapeutic solution. It can also be used as a complement to traditional treatments.

Relax with breathing

Relaxation landscapes available

By the sea

A walk in the forest

A snowy garden

A big breath of fresh air

A square with fountains

Stroll in the park

An Asian garden

Scuba diving

Night at the beach

A creek

The Earth seen from space

Hot air balloon trip

On the way to the waterfall

Fireworks at the castle

Stroll amidst bamboos

By the sea
Hot air balloon trip
Snow holidays
Large bowl of oxygen
A walk in the nature
Scuba diving
A creek
The earth seen from space