Set up VR exposures and manage patient follow-up

Treat addictions in virtual reality

Set up virtual reality environments

C2Services is the central software for using our virtual reality solutions. It is the tool which makes it possible to launch virtual reality software, but also to parameterize the exposures in VR.

Indeed, in addition to having the possibility to pause, stop and refocus the view of the helmet, you can since C2Services directly change elements in the environments, like add spiders, change the size of a room, put relaxing music… a multitude of these functions are available according to the environment that you choose in order to treat the pathologies of your patients as well as possible

Manage the follow-up of your patients

With C2Services you can also manage the creation, edition and follow-up of your patient records. The backup of your patient database is hosted on a secure HDS health server and linked to your account. You will be able to select your patients, transcribe the exposures in virtual reality on the patient’s followed card and follow the history of the previous sessions (with or without virtual reality).

The C2Services software also includes a weekly calendar that offers you a detailed and visual view for managing your personal and professional schedule. You can add appointments by clicking directly in the calendar at the desired day and time.

Connect multiple VR headsets for group therapy

C2Services allows the connection of several virtual reality headsets and the common management of exhibitions. You can manage several virtual reality experiments at the same time and from the same computer. Expose several patients to the same exposure, such as relaxation, and give them the keys to relax deeply.

VR for group therapies