Aid to Communication

Communication to patient

Bringing new patients and satisfying you is one of our priorities.

In order to guide you in your communication with your patients you will find on this link illustrations that you can use on your website and the social networks.

In addition, you also have access to flyers to inform your patients about the use of virtual reality exposure therapies; and a poster for your waiting room that will let people know that you are using the C2Care therapeutic solution.

We advise you to print these two documents and make them available in your waiting room.

Communication auprès des prescripteurs


Afin de vous guider dans vos démarches de communication auprès des prescripteurs (médecins généralistes, médecins du travail), vous trouverez ici un courrier en format PDF, et ici un courrier en format doc, qui vous permettra de les informer que vous faites partie des praticiens précurseurs dans l’utilisation des thérapies par exposition à la réalité virtuelle.

Nous vous conseillons de personnaliser ce courrier et de leur envoyer.

Get Additional Posters and Flyers


When you have ordered you have received by e-mail access to digital communication files including posters and flyers.

We can also send them to you by mail. We offer 2 options for communication packs :

  • 5 A3 Posters
  • 50 Flyers

To order these communication packs you can go here or contact us.