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What’s new in versions

Version 2018.3.0 - 03/12/2018

Graphical improvement of environments and better character realism
Improvement of the download mode of missing media directly from the virtual reality application host (C2Phobia, C2Addict etc…)

Addition of a visual breathing aid
Added option to set avatar size in interactive virtual environments

Agoraphobia: Addition of the supermarket environment
Agoraphobia: Added the “Person” option allowing you to be alone in environments
Ochlophobia: Addition of the cinema environment
Aviophobia: Improvement of the environment for a better realism of the boarding stages
Animals: Addition of an environment with 4 breeds of dogs, 3 sizes and 4 different behaviours
Addition of an Aquaphobia environment (fear of water) configurable with a large or small boat
Hospital: Improved avatar orientation for MRI
Adding beer cans in the kitchen
Addition of white and rosé wine bottles in the kitchen
Addition of a “C2Care Selection” including a list of 360 videos, 360 images and videos for addictions, relaxation and phobias
Reintegration of former phobic and relaxation environments.
Integration of an Alternate Bilateral Simulation function
Added passenger and automatic driving mode.
Addition of new weather conditions (rain and fog)

Version 2018.2.0 - 12/09/2018

Stability Improvement for the download of the environments.


New virtual reality software C2Drive ( Oculus Rift and HTC Vive compatible ) ! It is now possible to interact in several virtual environments for the amaxophobia treatment. Using a steering wheel and pedal comptabile with C2Drive enables the patient to drive in virtual reality environments :

  • Highway environment at day
  • Highway environment at night
  • Highway tunnel environment
  • With several traffic levels (fluent, medium, heavy, with traffic jam)



  • Claustrophobia : Possibility to monitor the movement and speed of the elevator from C2Services
  • Claustrophobia : Possibility to add other people in the elevator
  • Claustrophobia : Possibility to stop the movement of the elevator in order to stimulate a power failure
  • Claustrophobia : Improvement of the environment of the plateform with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive
  • Acrophobia : Simplification of the control wheel steering mode of the suspended platform
  • Acrophobia : Addition of a new iron walkway to make the patients see under their feet.
  • Acrophobia : Global improvement of the environment
  • Agoraphobia : Possibility to monitor manually the movement of the metro
  • Aviophobia : General improvement of the environment
  • ESPT : Possibility of being alone in an evening environment mode
  • Ochlophobia : Possibility to escape of a group of people
  • Addititon of the hospital environment for the treatment of several phobias


  • The addition of an hypnotic vocal in order to improve the patient wellbeing
  • Visual Improvement of the sea bed
Version 2018.1.1 - 30/05/2018



  • Possibility to control several devices simultaneously from a single computer with C2Services (multi-patient session)
  • Ability to select one of the connected headsets to display only its contents
  • The sound selection buttons have been replaced by a list. It is now possible to add heart rate and breathing at the same time


  • Global enhancements and fixes in virtual environments
  • Acrophobia: addition of an option allowing the fall from the roof of the building
  • Acrophobia: it is now possible to lower the basket
  • Agoraphobia: addition of 4 configurations for the number of people in the subway train


  • New sounds and relaxation music
  • Improved music display in C2Services
  • Ability to disable the default ambient sound of an environment


  • Casino: possibility of adding alcohol at the bar


  • Dysmorphophobia: improvement of the corpulence of the man’s avatar
  • Dysmorphophobia: addition of skin color selection
  • Dysmorphophobia: possibility to move and turn around the avatar in the Silhouettes Test


  • Overall improvement of operation
  • Added the Ghost Member activity to rehabilitate and relieve the pain of amputated limbs
Version 2018.1 - 27/04/2018

The version numbers are now named after the year of release. The current version is version 2018.1


Ability to control multiple devices simultaneously from a single computer with C2Services (multi-patient session)
Possibility to control a remote computer with another device (computer or tablet)
Improvements and optimization of the interface and addition of information for the environments (duration of the film…)
Possibility to return directly to the settings of the current exposure from one of the other tabs (Patient Selection, Follow-up or Planning)
The return to the selection of applications (C2Phobia, C2Relax, C2Nutri…) is now done with the Back button, at the top left of the interface
New C2Custom application to allow users to add videos or VR videos themselves at 360°…
To add a video from Youtube, open the video on your browser, copy and paste the URL of the video in the dedicated section on C2Services and validate the addition.
All video environments are now played on a loop. When you reach the end of a sequence, it automatically starts again at the beginning.
Characters in 3D environments have been improved with facial expressions for more realism
Addition of a nacelle in the Acrophobia environment, with the possibility of increasing the height to infinity
New environment for fear of spiders and bees
New Casino environment for gambling addiction
New environment for drug addiction (cocaine and marijuana) and tobacco
Added compatibility of the Touch controllers (Oculus Rift and HTC Vive) for upper limb movements in Female Dysmorphophobia

Version 4.0.2 - 15/03/2018


  • Multilangual compatibility
  • Bug fixes on display


  • New relaxation environment, Evening at the see
  • New environment for Mysophobia, with different levels of dirt
  • New environment for Ochlophobia with different amounts of people
  • New environment in a kitchen for alcohol addiction
Version 4.0.1 - 28/02/2018


The C2Care Control software changes its name to C2Services. It incorporates new features for patient management :

  • Patient Selection : Adding, editing and deleting patient records.
  • Follow-up: Manual and automatic follow-up sessions, specially designed for virtual reality. Schedule:
  • Calendar management with adding, editing and deleting events. Colors management is possible.


  • Added a garbage container environment for phobia of spiders, bees / wasps and rats
  • Adding a configurable room environment for claustrophobia
  • Removing non-interactive environments from aviophobia
  • Improving the interactive environment Aviophobia
  • Adding an amphitheater environment in Glossophobia with the option to configuring the number of people present in front of the patient
  • Adding a Dentist environment for dental procedures’ fear
  • Adding a new avatar’s body with upper limb which move in correlation with the patient’s movements (available only with the Oculus Rift Touch joysticks and the HTC Vive joysticks)
  • Improvement of avatar’s moves
  • Adding the customization of the insistence of characters’ looks present in interactive environments
  • Adding a supermarket section for alcohol addiction environment
  • Adding a customizable motion creation function for physiotherapy