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Simplified joint stock company, with share capital of €744,449, RCS TOULON 815 196 332 , whose head office is located at 101 Avenue Desmazures 83110 Sanary Sur Mer ; hereinafter referred to as C2Care.


General Conditions of Service : Refers to the present General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Use, which are accepted by the Customer without reservation prior to the validation of his/her Order ;

Service : Refers to the general public service of connection and assistance offered by C2Care and as detailed on the web page https://www.c2.care/en/individual-subscription/ or by C2Care teleconsultants during the subscription process. The content of the Service is described on the web page https://www.c2.care/en/individual-subscription/, the minimum commitment to the C2Care Offer is 3 months. 

Client : Refers to the Customer who subscribed to the C2Care Service. 

Health Professional : Designates a health care professional who is licensed to practice and complies with applicable ethical and professional obligations. 

Pricing conditions : Designate the rates applicable to the Service. 

Subscription : Means the subscription made by the Customer to the Service. 

Price : Means the price owed by the Customer to C2Care upon subscription to the Service. 

Website : Refers to the C2Care website accessible from the URL www.c2.care


The purpose of these General Conditions is to define the terms and conditions applicable to any Subscription to the Service. 

Their content – together with the terms and conditions of the Subscription which constitute the special conditions – has full contractual value between the Customer and C2Care (and to the exclusion of any other conditions of sale or documents or correspondence exchanged). 

By checking the box provided for this purpose (“I accept the GCU-CGV”), after having been invited to read the aforementioned General Conditions, the User accepts without reservation these General Conditions. 

The T&Cs may be updated at any time at C2Care’s discretion, the applicable version being available at : https://www.c2.care/en/



C2Care offers a Service in the form of a commitment specified on the Website at the URL : https://www.c2.care/en/.

This Service requires an internet connection. C2Care cannot be held responsible if this connection is malfunctioning or non-existent for the realization of the Service. 


The Subscription is made on the Website : https://www.c2.care/en/individual-subscription/ or by email exchange with a C2Care call center. 


Prior to a Subscription, the Customer may answer various questions in order for C2Care to guide him/her and put him/her in contact with one of the health professionals whose profile will be the most appropriate. In this regard, the Customer agrees to answer truthfully the following questions.


Subscription to the Service is not open to minors, or persons suffering from a psychiatric pathology or having suicidal desires, or in a situation of psychological emergency, or suffering from a mental illness or forced to undergo therapy by judicial order. 



The Tariff Conditions are indicated in Euros (€) and are inclusive of all taxes; the Tariff Conditions are indicated in monthly form (price “per month”), with a minimum commitment period of 3 months. 

C2Care is free to change prices at any time and at its sole discretion, but the Price due by the Customer for his Subscription remains the one in effect at the time of validation of his Subscription.


Payment of the Price is made on the date of subscription for a monthly payment with a minimum commitment of 3 months. The Payment is made through the Paypal payment platform or by credit card. 


At the end of his Subscription, the Customer will receive by email the invoice corresponding to his purchase. It is up to the Customer to keep the said invoice in case of need of proof..

The execution of the Service is available as soon as the Subscription is made, at the pace agreed by the Customer with the teleconsultant who will contact the Customer by email. 


The Client has a legal right of withdrawal of 14 days from the date of Subscription in the case of not using the virtual reality headset and not making an appointment with a psychologist remotely. Otherwise, the service will be considered as fully executed and the right of withdrawal will not be exercised. 

He can exercise his right of withdrawal by sending a written request by email to marketing@c2.care . In the event of a legally permissible withdrawal, C2Care will provide a full refund of the actual Subscription Price paid to the Customer provided the Customer returns the package received, in its packaging and with all of its contents unopened. The cost of returning the package will be borne by the Customer.


Any questions regarding a Subscription or the performance of the Services should be directed to C2Care by email (marketing@c2.care) or by mail : 101 avenue Desmazures 83110 Sanary Sur Mer or directly by phone at 04 83 57 51 56. 

8 – LIABILITY – force majeure


The Customer agrees to provide C2Care with truthful information about his/her situation and in particular that he/she does not fall under one of the causes of exclusion to the Subscription mentioned in article 4.4 above; C2Care will never be responsible in case of insincere declaration or subscription by a Customer whose situation normally makes him/her ineligible.

C2Care is not a medical service; the psychologists with whom the Customer may be put in contact are not health care professionals. It is the Customer’s responsibility to contact any competent medical professional in case of pathology, depression, psychological disorders, suicidal desires or self-mutilation ; C2Care shall not be liable for any consequences resulting from a lack of treatment or medical follow-up in this regard ; C2Care and the psychologists are not responsible for directing the Customer to the appropriate medical personnel to meet his or her needs and will not be held liable in this regard.

No responsibility towards C2Care will be incurred in case of mishandling of the virtual reality headset and accessories provided in the box ordered by the Customer. 


No responsibility will be incurred in case of total or partial non-fulfilment of an obligation which would be due either to a case of force majeure within the meaning of the French law and jurisprudence, or to the other party, or to the unforeseeable and insurmountable fact of a third party to the contract (in particular in case of blocking of the means of transport or telecommunication networks).


The Customer is required to communicate personal data collected by C2Care. The Customer can read C2Care’s privacy policy on its Website ; The Customer may, in particular, exercise his rights of access, rectification and opposition, if any, by writing directly to C2Care at the following e-mail address: marketing@c2.care. 

All exchanges between the Client and the psychologists are absolutely confidential; conversations are not recorded and the data resulting from the interviews are not transmitted to any third party.


C2Care is the owner of all industrial property rights attached to the name C2Care and its Website. Any reproduction, representation, modification or adaptation of these rights is strictly forbidden and constitutes an infringement of copyright..



The invalidity, unwritten reputation, nullity, lack of binding force or unenforceability of any of the stipulations herein shall not affect the other stipulations, which shall retain all their effects.


The GTC and the Subscription are subject to French law, to the exclusion of any other legislation.


For the execution of the present contract as well as their consequences and unless otherwise stipulated, the Customer elects domicile at the address he/she will have given when making the Subscription and will ensure postal follow-up in the event of a move.


In the event of a dispute relating to the Subscription, the interpretation or the execution of the present contract and its consequences, the Parties will try to find an amicable agreement before any legal dispute. Any legal dispute will be brought before the Court of Toulon.


Contact : 

SAS C2Care 

101 Avenue Desmazures 83110 Sanary Sur Mer

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