Installation Guide for Applications on Meta Quest

Before using this guide, please make sure you have already:
Installed the Meta Quest (Oculus) app on your phone, created an account and paired it with your Meta Quest headset.
  1. Send the email address linked to your Meta account to:
    Tip : find the e-mail address associated with your Meta account here → 

2. After processing your email, you will receive emails with installation links for each C2Care application: C2Phobia, C2Hypno, C2Drive, C2Custom.

3. Use your computer for this step. Click on the link in each email to accept the application invitations. You will see the confirmation page as below:

Page de confirmation d'installation

4. In your headset, go to App Library which is at the bottom of the screen and click on the applications to install them.

Page de confirmation d'installation

5. You will find the software you have just installed in your library (App Library). You can open them from this menu.

6. When an application is launched for the first time, you will see a 5 digit and/or letter identification code that you must send to . The code is the same for all applications, please send it only once.