General sale and use conditions


Simplified stock-company, with a share capital of 744 449 €, RCS TOULON 815 196 332. The head office is located at 101 Avenue Desmazures 83 110 Sanary Sur Mer ; hereafter designated as C2Care.


Offer general conditions : Appoints these general terms of sale and use, accepted by the client, unreserved before the order’s validation;

Service : Appoints general public prestations of linking and assistance offered by C2Care and as it’s detailed on the web page C2Care or by a C2Care’s counselor during the subscription. The service content is described on the web page C2Care, and the minimum engagement period is 3 months. 

Client : Appoints the client who has processed to the C2Care’s souscription service. 

Healthcare professional : Appoints a healthcare professional who has to autorisation to practice, and who respects ethical and professional obligations. 

Rate terms : Appoints applicable rates for the service. 

Subscription : Appoints the subscription made by the client to the service. 

Price : Appoints the price the patient has to give to C2Care following the service’s subscription. 

Website : Appoints the C2Care’s website accessible from this address C2Care


The object of these sale terms is to define terms and conditions applicable to each subscription to the service. 

Its contents – with terms and conditions of the subscription which constitute particular conditions – is a full contractual value between the client and C2Care (excluding all the other sale conditions or documents or email exchanges). 

By ticking the provided box (“I agree with the Sale and use terms and conditions”), after reading these sale and use terms and conditions, the user accepts, unreservedly, these general conditions. 

Updates of these general conditions can be made at any moment depending on C2Care. The applicable version is available at the following address : C2Care



C2Care offers a service in a form of commitment specified on the website at the following address : C2Care.

This service needs an internet connection. C2Care is not responsible if this connection isn’t working well or if it doesn’t exist, to have access to the service. 

The headset rental is only available to clients who live in Metropolitan France, but the rest of the service is available anywhere else. 


Subscription is made on the website : C2Care or by an email exchange with a C2Care’s counselor. 


Before subscribing, the client can ask questions to C2Care. This way, C2Care can shift the client toward the most suitable healthcare professional. He is committing to sincerely answer the questions.


Subscribing to a service isn’t open to minors, to people with psychiatric pathologies, to people with suicidal thoughts, to people with a mental health pathology or to persons who are forced to have a therapy because of court injonction.


Subscribing to service can include a box shipment to the client on the mailing address he gave to C2Care when subscribing. At the end of the subscription, the client has to restore the box by mailing shipment.

Subscription to the service can include remote psychological sessions, booked for the month. If during the month, the amount of consultations haven’t been booked, they are considered lost. Any missing consultation without letting us know 48 hours before the consultation is considered as made.

The client is free to access the available software.


At the end of the 3 months’ subscription, the client has the possibility to stop his commitment or to, monthly, impliedly renew his subscription.

In the case of the client has picked an offer including provided material, and when the client’s stops his commitment, the client has a limit of 14 calendar days to return the virtual reality headset stored in its original box with all the accessory included : 2 remotes + 2 USB Power adapter + 1 USB-C wire 2.0 Data cable + 1 double USB-C power wire + 2 remotes wrist strap + 1 guideline of the use of the virtual reality headset

The client will have to ask by contact form, the prepaid return label to return the headset. This label will be sent by email. The client will have to print it and stick it on the package to send it back. 

From the 11th working day, the client will be charged with any missing or damaged element. The costs are :

Virtual reality headset : 500 € ttc 

1 remote : 90 € (tax included) 

1 USB adapter : 20 € (tax included) 

1 USB-C adaptor : 20 € (tax included) 

1 double USB adaptor : 20 € (tax included) 

1 remote wrist strap : 20 € (tax included) 

1 use guideline : 10 € (tax included) 




Pricing conditions are indicated in euros (€) and include all taxes ; pricing conditions are mensual and for a commitment of 3 months minimum. 

C2Care can change its prices at any moment and at its option. However, the price for the client stays the same as the one he had when validating its subscription.


The payment is effective on the date of the subscription for a mensual paiement with a commitment of a minimum of 3 months. The payment is made via Paypal platform or by credit card. 


At the end of the subscription, the client will receive an invoice corresponding to his purchase. It only depends on the client to keep that invoice if there is a need for proof.

The service’s execution is available right after the subscription, to the rhythm fixed with the counselor, who’s going to reach the client by sending him an email. 


The client has a legal right of withdrawal of 14 days, as of the subscription in the case of the client doesn’t use his virtual reality headset and if there is no remote consultation with the psychologist planned. Failing that, the service is considered as fully executed and the right of withdrawal can’t be used. 

The client can use his right of withdrawal by contact form. If the withdrawal is legally validated, C2Care will fully reimburse the client of the price he paid at the subscription subject to the fact that the package has been received in its original packaging with the total unopened contents.


All the questions regarding the subscription or the service execution have to be expressed to C2Care by contact form by mail at : 101 avenue Desmazures, 83 110 Sanary-Sur-Mer or directly by phone at 04 83 57 51 56. 



The client is committing to bring C2Care sincere information of his situations and in particular that he is not part of the exclusion factor to the subscription mentioned in the article 4.4 presented above ; C2Care can’t be considered as responsible in case of non-honest declaration or of a subscription of a non-eligible patient.

C2Care isn’t a medical service ; psychologists with whom the client is susceptible to be linked with aren’t medical auxiliary. The client has to reach to a medical group member who is qualified in case of specific pathologies such as depression, psychological disorders, suicidal thoughts or self-mutilation ; C2Care responsibility can’t be accused in case of lack of treatment or medical follow-up ; it doesn’t belong to C2Care and to the psychologists to redirect the client to a qualified medical team to answer to his needs and C2Care and the psychologist’s responsibility can’t be engaged.

C2Care’s responsibility can’t be engaged if there is a bad manipulation of the virtual reality headset or of the accessories in the box ordered by the client. 


No responsibility can’t be incur in case of total or partial breach of an obligation due to a major force in the law or french jurisprudence, either from the other party, or because of an imprevisible or insurmountable contract with a third party (in particular in case of mode of transportation or telecommunication network).


The client has to communicate some of his personal datas to C2Care. The client can acknowledge C2Care’s personal data protection policy on its website ; The client can, in particular, can exercise his access rights, rectification, opposition and as the case may be he can directly write to C2Care by contact form

The discussion between the client and the psychologists are in a total confidentiality ; discussions are not registered and datas coming from consultations are not transmitted to anyone.


C2Care is the owner of all the industrial rights of ownerships attached to the name of C2Care et to its website. Any reproduction, representation, modification, adaptation of one of these rights are strictly forbidden and is considered as counterfeit..



Invalidity, non-written reputation, lapse, lack of major force of non opposability from one any submit stipulation doesn’t bring any consequences of other stipulation, and will keep all of their effects.


General terms and subscription are submitted to the French right and exclude all other legislations.


Executing these submitted rights and their follow ups, and by excluding any other dispositions, the client is domiciled at the address he has given when subscribing and will take care about the shipment in case of move.


In case of litigation regarding the subscription, the interpretation or the execution of these submitted terms, parties will try to find a private arrangement before any judicial procedure. Any judicial litigation is going to be taken care of by Toulon’s court.


Contact : 

SAS C2Care 

101 Avenue Desmazures 83110 Sanary Sur Mer