Installation guide for update on your Oculus GO

The update will be presented to you automatically when you launch the Applications in the Oculus GO headset.

If you use the controller on a web browser the update will be automatic.

If you use the controller on the Windows program, the update will be presented to you when C2Services is launched.


Installation guide for the update on Oculus RIFT or HTC Vive

The update will be presented to you when C2Services is launched, the software will then be replaced by the new version called MyC2Care.



Release Note


Applications :


  • Three new applications added: C2Companion, C2Neuro and C2Brain

C2Phobia :

  • New environments added: New plane, new scenarios, better turbulence.
  • Video speed management parameter added in driving and belenophobia.
  • Possibility of creating a reakdown in the metro/subway added (3D agoraphobia)
C2Hypno :
  • Redesign of the 3D seabed environment
  • Possibility to play a local sound file from the computer or from an internet link. Formats: OCG, MP3, WAV
  • Addition of recalibration with a long pressure on the trigger
  • Possibility to deactivate fireworks in the castle environment
  • Addition of new particle effects
  • Modification of the circular diaphragm with adjustable speed

C2Drive :


  • Addition of a new city environment (traffic lights, crossroads, pedestrians, and more.)
  • In autonomous driving, the possibility to choose the lane (left / right) is added
  • Wind shield wiper noise when it rains
  • Motorcycles (highway) option
  • Modification of the steering wheel sensitivity
  • Addition of flashing sound (3 sec)

C2Custom :


  •  Fixed issue with launching YouTube videos in software

Common for all apps :


  • Visual improvements of the characters

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