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C2Care creates market leading therapeutic applications for Virtual Reality. Class 1 Medical Device Certification


VR at the service of Mental Health

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As a cognitive and behavioural treatment approach, Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy enables the health professional to safely expose the patient to anxiety provoking stimuli, without having to leave the medical office.


VR at the service of better aging

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A new therapeutic solution for nursing homes and elderly care. Simple and intuitive, the software has been designed for assessing and stimulate the cognitive abilities among senior citizens.


VR serving mobility rehabilitation

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A solution to immerse patients in environments that allows mobility assessment, vestibular rehabilitation, and functional rehabilitation for upper and lower limbs.


VR as an Education Tool

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Education through virtual reality workshops for healthcare staff. By offering training for complex situations connected to the disorders treated by the C2Care programs, our education programs creates conditions for good and efficient practice.

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I have been working with C2Care since 2016, and I have seen a service that constantly is progressing and pushing boundaries within psychological treatment. We have kept a tight relationship, and C2Care has always been very attentionate listening to feedback. They are always “on the move” and they are agile in the way they work to ensure customer success. I enjoy working with C2Care as they as well as me understand the main objective of our cooperation, the patients well being.
Alexandra LECART

Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, President of the French National CBT Association, Founder of TCC Center Paris


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