Virtual reality in the service of health

Applications for the treatment of phobias, addictions, eating disorders, depression and functional disorders.

Treatments in virtual reality
Therapies in virtual reality

A new comprehensive therapeutic tool based on virtual reality for healthcare professionals.

Our three years of Research & Development in collaboration with our Scientific Committee and numerous University Hospital Centres have enabled us to develop and offer an effective, playful and interactive therapeutic tool.

C2care designs therapeutic software based on virtual reality for all healthcare professionals. Our goal is to treat patients with depression, phobias, addictions, eating disorders and balance disorders through virtual reality.

This virtual reality therapeutic software is a Class 1 CE-certified medical device.

Virtual reality software for any health professional

Face the patient progressively to the object of his phobia

Reduce the stress, the feeling of pain and help the patient to let go

Accompany your patients with eating disorders

Confront patients with their addictive desires to help them detach from it

Re-educate your patients in total autonomy through new playful exercises

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Treat phobias in virtual reality

C2Phobia to treat pobias

The C2Phobia application allows patients to be exposed to anxiogenic situtations while ensuring their safety by gradually exposing them to the object of their disorder.

You will be able to treat patients suffering from aviophobia, agoraphobia, arachnophobia or claustrophobia directly from your practice.

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C2Relax to reduce anxiety

C2Relax is composed of more than 10 different landscapes accompanied by various relaxing sound environments.

From the edge of the beach to the forest, to the marine world, we offer new solutions that allow your patients to “let go” faster and focus their attention on the available videos.

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Reduce anxiety stress in virtual reality
Treat addictions in virtual reality

C2Nutri for nutritive rebalancing

C2Nutri is aimed at professionals in nutritive rehabilitation for a more complete treatment adapted to each patient.

You will be able to confront patients in virtue of the image that they perceive of their body (perceived silhouette / real silhouette), create menus or meals in real time and work on the quantities adapted to rebalancing the behaviour towards food.

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C2Addict to stop its addictions

Immersing patients in virtual environments of C2Addict aims to confront them with their addictive desires so that they become fully aware of them and that their therapist helps them to detach themselves from them.

Virtual environments that contain indicators related to smoking or alcohol cause a strong desire in the dependent patient.

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Treat addictions in virtual reality
Virtual Reality Kinesitherapy Reeducation

C2Physio for functional and vestibular rehabilitation

The C2Physio solution offers new applications allowing the patient to work independently.

The offered virtual reality rehabilitation programs allow immersion of the patient in different programmed environments to work on the body balance, the evaluation of the mobility, the functional and vestibular reeducation.

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Training in virtual reality exposure therapies (VRET)

Are you a therapist? Director of an institution? Health professional? Do you want to be trained in virtual reality therapies? We offer a training calendar throughout France. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Next dates: November 24th in LYON / December 8th in PARIS

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They talk about us

« The application of C2Care could replace exposure therapies, often heavy and expensive »
« These techniques taught in virtual reality become reflexes and can be reproduced in real life »
« What’s interesting about this virtual environment is that you can face your fears without risk »
« An effective method in 80% of cases and, for the doctor, less effort to move »
« Now, we can recreate all situations in a virtual way with a realism that is confused with reality »
« The idea is to allow the patient to understand the mechanisms of his anxiety to be able to control it »