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Crowd anxiety disorder in the subway

Anxiety disorders

C2Care has categorized anxiety disorders in several clinical concepts : Specific phobias, social phobias, agoraphobias and post-traumatic stress disorder.

C2Addict - Tobacco


C2Care focused on two types of addictions : substance-related addiction (alcohol, cigarettes, cannabis, cocaïne) and behavioral addiction (gambling, purchasing)

Dysmorphophobia virtual reality C2Nutri

Eating disorders

People suffering from eating disorders have biased food practices. This creates negative consequences on their physical and mental health.

Cognitive stimulation virtual reality dog C2Comp


C2Care have created applications to work on cognitive stimulation, neuropsychological stimulation, reminiscence et relaxation.

C2Physio - Elbow mobility

Post operation and rehabilitation facilities

Applications are made to work on vestibular, proprioceptive, cognitive and motor reeducation. It also offers the possibility to exercise on functional reeducation of upper members and lower limbs, driving evaluation, cognitive stimulation, reminiscence and relaxation.

C2Phobia - Hospital Room

Health formation

There is existing virtual reality applications to be used for training caregivers professionals to be able to manage aggressivity or to help their patients handling pain.

C2Nutri virtual reality therapy application

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    Doctor Dussere proposed this therapy to me in order to work on my phobias and anxieties. At first intrigued by this new generation of therapy, I let myself be carried away by the advice given by Ronan who supervises the sessions. His support, his explanations as well as the mental and physical “tricks” he proposed to me were very effective in reaching my goals. Thanks to the virtual reality situation, I feel more confident, I rationalize my fears and I have a better analysis of the apprehension of danger. And last but not least, the virtual reality therapy gave me a better self-esteem!

    A patient of the Day Hospital of Cenon

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