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C2Addict - Alcohol in the evening


Virtual environments are made to reproduce ecological situations of use with all the craving cues. This makes the patients face his issues. Being exposed to a substance and/or to craving cues gives the therapist the possibility to work on active cognitive processes and their dysfunctional response towards it. It makes it easier to give appropriate techniques to handle their addiction

Addictions and VRET : what does scientific research teach us ?

Les thérapies in virtuo ont fait l’objet de nombreuses études sur leur efficacité dans le traitement en addictologie. Recently, some authors have pushed forward their interest in virtual reality : dysfunctional automatic thoughts can easily be reached. This therapeutic tool is a real asset in the cognitive restructuring work. What is proved by the research ?  In comparison to in vivo exposures, researches have proved that the craving intensity is the same in virtual reality. Also, there is a better therapeutic engagement with virtual reality exposure therapies. Exposing addicted people to tobacco, drugs, alcohol or gambling in virtual reality have shown significant results.These lead to real clinical interest.  

C2Addict: a full care of addictions

The realism of our environments helps to bring up the automatic thoughts, emotions or behavior linked to the addiction. It makes it easier to reach all of these ideas than if we were in our medical office. Stimuli linked to the substance use give the possibility to estimate the craving severity. Therefore, in addiction, the efficiency of the exposure is brought by the ecological contexts. Indeed, virtual reality exposure erases all the ecological or ethical limits found in imaginary exposure or in vivo exposure.  

Virtual reality treatment to addictions

Thanks to virtual reality, virtual ecological environments are helpful for the care of :

  • Tobacco addiction
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • Drugs addiction

To give the best benefits of therapeutic transfer in our patients’ daily life, we have created optimized virtual environments to treat addictions. In all our environments, we have spotlighted the patient’s craving cues. These environments activate cognitive, emotional and behavioral responses similar to use-provoking situations in their daily life. C2Addict makes the patient’s exposure secure and doing it in your office respects his privacy.  

Target the craving !

We have created our environments with the help and the expertise of our scientific committee and with university researchers specialized in addictology. They are thought to be used for evaluations,, withdrawal treatment, risks of relapsing spotlighting craving. Different environments are available depending on the context of use : bar, home, casino… Environments are suitable to bring up the permissive thoughts (waiting, being at home, being in some social contexts…). The possibility to add some stimuli will increase the patient’s craving.

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    C2Addict - Marijuana

    Substance-related addictions

    With C2Addict, the patient can be exposed to substances such as tobacco, alcohol and some other drugs (marijuana, cocaïne…). Moreover, it’s possible to customize the situation with different cues linked to the use habits and to the patient’s craving.

    C2Phobia - Dog

    Gambling addiction

    The patient is in a virtual casino where he can interact with different gaming machines. In this environment, the patient faces different processes and feelings linked to his addiction.

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