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    social phobias 

    Social phobia, or social anxiety, is a fear of certain social or performance activities. These are situations in which the person feels a strong anxiety about the possible negative judgement from others. The person may feel observed, rejected, embarrassed, humiliated, triggering avoidance and isolation behaviour. This phobia can cause a lot of suffering and should not be taken lightly.

    21% of people between 18 and 65 are experiencing an anxious disorder episod during their lifetime.

    Virtual reality to overcome social phobia

    For more than 30 years, virtual reality exposure therapies have demonstrated their effectiveness in the treatment of anxiety disorders, anxiety-provoking situations and phobias such as fear of crowds, fear of returning to work, fear of leaving the house, etc. Gradual and progressive exposure to virtual reality allows you to desensitise and significantly reduce your anxiety.

    « La réalité virtuelle affiche 80% d’efficacité, avec des bénéfices qui se maintiennent plus d’un an après le traitement. » Eric Malbos, Médecin Psychiatre

    C2Care, the world leader in therapeutic virtual reality (VR) since 2015, now allows you to expose yourself from your home. A psychologist will accompany you in your treatment using cognitive behavioural therapies (CBT) and virtual reality exposure to overcome your phobia.

    C2Care - Phobie sociale

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    Virtual reality adapts to your phobia

    Public speaking

    Speaking is always a difficult exercise but for people suffering from glossophobia it is a hellish exercise. Fear of blushing, stammering, fainting, forgetting what you have to say… Virtual reality allows you to be confronted with speaking situations, by modulating: the number of people, their gaze, their mood, the lighting, the places (amphitheatres, conference rooms, in front of a group of people or even job interviews)… everything is done to confront you with all kinds of speaking situations.

    C2Phobia - Salle de conférence
    C2Phobia Métro

    Public places

    Social relationships are essential to a person’s well-being, but these same relationships can be a source of great anxiety. Crossing paths with other people, meeting their eyes, the impression of danger or judgment. The modulation of environments through virtual reality allows us to confront these different situations: the frequentation of public places, the use of public transport (metro, plane, bus, train…), everyday public places (supermarkets…), the mood of the people we meet, their look, the surrounding noise…

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      How does it work?


      I get my headset

      You will receive a virtual reality headset with unlimited access to our software, or, if you are already equipped, you can choose to have only the software. Our packages are carefully packed and shipped very quickly.

      Séance visiothérapie

      I carry out my sessions

      During 2 sessions per month, the psychologist and yourself will discuss your social phobia in order to understand it and to give you the necessary tools to reduce it. You will be exposed to virtual reality in a progressive manner adapted to your social phobia.

      Homme avec casque vr

      I use my headset autonomously

      Apart from the sessions with your psychologist, you will be able to repeat as many times as necessary the exposure to the different social situations in order to create a habituation and thus reduce the anxiety related to them.


      Each person tells in their own words about the support they have received and the major changes that have taken place in their lives. All these testimonies are proof that yes, one’s life can change, and that we are doing everything we can to guide you on the path to that change.

      Hervé M.

      For me, this is the best therapy of all the ones I have experienced so far with the real-life situations concerning (for me) glossophobia. The psychologist really listened to me and helped me a lot in the fight against my phobia.

      Emmanuelle S.

      When the deconfinement was announced, stress came over me. After being used to staying at home, I found myself panicking at the idea of having to go back to the supermarket, take the metro, walk in crowded places… My psychologist helped me to face and master my fear. The environments are realistic, the characters even wear masks to match the image of the pandemic. The return to reality is less brutal.

      Marcus F.

      After putting my schooling on hold for a while, I decided to go back to school to take my exam. The problem was that going back to school after all that time terrified me. With this programme and the support of my psychologist, I was able to prepare myself for this return to the classroom. I was able to confront the atmosphere of the lecture hall and the examination room. Perfect for learning how to manage stress on the day of the exam!