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Virtual reality has been introduced into the health’s field to respond to specific issues. It helps to drastically reduce, perhaps even vanishing, some pathologies such as anxiety disorder.

C2 Drive driving in the rain


Being in a car makes you anxious ? You will be approaching different roads (highway, tunnels, mountains roads …) either as a passenger or as a driver. You’ll be able to embrace your feelings and dare going on the road again.

Crane - fear of heights

Fear of the heights

The fear of heights can be a real impairment and is limiting you in your daily life. If you wish to get rid of this irrational fear, once and for all, learn more about our solution specifically made for you.

Phobia of the crowd virtual reality

Social phobias

Leaving home and going back to your daily activities is a source of anxiety. Some environments in virtual reality that we have like doing groceries, going in the subway, getting in an elevator full of people, speaking in public … are made to help you.

School phobia virtual reality

School phobia

One of the main chief complaints for kids to go to see the doctor is school phobia. Other phobias can be sticking on if it’s not quickly considered. Going back to school is possible with virtual environments specifically made for this anxiety.

Peur avion image phobie c2care

Fear of flying

Many people experience the fear of flying. However, cognitive-behavioral therapies are made their proofs to get permanently rid of it. This phobia stops you from traveling and you want to stop it now, take your ticket for your virtual reality travel to your well-being journey.

C2Phobia - Hospital Room

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

Many disturbing, repetitive and uncontrollable thoughts are activated because of obsessive-compulsive disorder leading to a strong anxiety. Virtual reality is going to help you reduce your anxiety by being in anxiety-provoking environments.

C2Phobia in front of the elevator

Fear of confined spaces

Our freedom of actions is being limited by claustrophobia, and stops you from living your chosen life. This program, by immersing you in virtual environments, will help you to feel better about confined spaces.

C2Phobia -  Spiders on the table

Insect and spider’s fear

Seeing an insect or a spider provokes a panic attack and makes you lose control. Cognitive-behavioral therapies are going to help you work on your automatic and negative thoughts about them.

Addiction to tobacco cigarettes virtual reality

Tobacco addiction

You can drastically reduce, and even stop your desire to consume, by exposing you gradually to virtual reality situations.

Exposition  meal tray

Eating disorders

Do you have difficulty controlling yourself or, on the contrary, do you count each food on your plate? Exposing yourself in virtual reality while having a therapeutic follow-up will allow you to identify your behaviors, your emotions and your thoughts related to your diet in order to modify your relationship to food.

C2Phobia Araignées

Post-traumatic stress disorder

You live in constant fear of reliving a similar event to the one you experienced, you feel powerless, constantly reliving traumatic images, your thoughts become uncontrollable. The TERVs will enable you to restructure your thoughts to find serenity in your daily life.