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Cédric Stoclet

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Cédric Stoclet

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Want to learn more or have questions about our virtual reality therapy solutions? You want to team up with us?

    WHO ARE WE ?

    Our story

    C2Care, is, at the beginning a story of a strong friendship between the two co-founders, Romain Streichemberger and Pierre Gadea. Their imperious need to feel useful combined with a meeting with a doctor specialized in virtual reality phobias treatments have pushed them to use their expertise to improve existing devices. Therefore, deployment of an expert team of university students and healthcare professionals have been built to create the most complete virtual reality exposure therapies’s solution.

    We desire to develop solutions to ease access to these solutions but also to improve the patient’s care.


    President, C2Care

    C2Care, a start up created in 2015, is the worldwide leader on the virtual reality therapeutic software solutions. We are convinced that everyone’s well-being comes from qualitative and easy care access. This is the reason why we develop solutions to ease and improve the patient’s care.

    We believe that people’s well-being comes from qualitative care access.

    Pierre GADEA

    C2Care CEO, C2Care

    Our services

    We develop our therapeutic software based on exposure therapies under medical teams advice, university students and health care professionals.

    We have created many different care applications, a web platform for remote consultations… We don’t want to stop here, we want to keep on creating new innovative solutions in order to improve and ease healthcare access and particularly in mental health.


    Our goal

    Our mission is to help people suffering from mental health and cognitive disorders to access an innovative care range and to answer to their specific needs.

    Moreover, this solution is made to ease the care of patients with mental health disorders, with mild or serious cognitive disorders or with a loss of autonomy. This is why we create adaptive solutions for healthcare professionals who are working either in their office, in a health institution or who are doing remote consultations.


    Our engagements

    We also guarantee the highest level of data protections. Indeed, we store our solutions’ data on a software specifically made to host personal health data.


    Who are professionals working at C2Care ?

    In C2Care, we actually have around twenty employees led by the two co-founders : Pierre Gadea et Romain Streichemberger. Missions and human resources management are directed by our operator’s director Virtual environment’s creation are created by our team of engineers, IT-developers and graphists. Professionals working here devote their activity to commercial development to optimize the help brought by health institutions or professionals. The scientific department is directed by psychologists and doctorates. They are in charge of administrative management and communication. Because the society is being successful, it increases the number of people.

    How has the idea of creating C2Care been born ?

    Meeting others can sometimes be providential. This has been the case for Pierre Gadéa and Romain Streichemberger. Bound by a strong friendship and a common desire to innovate and to bring a stone to add to the mental health’s building, their journey has come across Dr Eric Malbos. This psychiatrist, who is ahead on many ideas and who also is the French virtual reality therapies’ pioneer, hasd called them out on the necessity to Virtual Reality develop solutions. C2Care was born in 2015, and its activities never stopped growing up since. By creating and editing virtual reality software, this start up, is a nest of multi professionals, and has been able to be scientific partners in many health institutes.

    What are C2Care’s values ?

    Innovation Clearly, innovation is within our blood. Passion is the common value of everyone of our partners. We are worried about making e-health progressing, and every fine particle within our office is tinted with innovation’s desire. Innovation guides our professional track and is made by strict specification notes. We say “yes” to innovation, but in a smart way ! Unicity We are well aware that we only exist thanks to our team cohesiveness. Our good work is the fruit of multi disciplinary, in or out from our society. This value is impactful : an unifying society is a blooming society. We desire, from all of our heart, to give to our surrounding professionals a place, a group, a true team. This unicity paid off on short and long-term : prestigious partnerships, super-qualitative work and a stimulation group dynamic. Quality Chance or coincidence aren’t in our office. We are collaborating with scientifics and have professional positions in our solution’s development. Within history, mental health had a lack of consideration, and today we need functional solutions. Every environment, every software we have created has key steps : Study of the needs, scientific reviews, specification notes, developments, experiences … Our work join an experimental process.