C2Care collaborated with the Hôpital Nord de Marseille (AP-HM) as well as with Maryse Pour la Vie to prepare patients for their stay in the ICU following lung transplantation surgery. 

The very first patient to have contributed to this study was exposed before her operation. The results obtained are very positive. 

The stay in the intensive care unit is an ordeal that is too rarely experienced well by patients. The physical and psychological shock, but also the general world of the intensive care unit are often traumatic. This traumatic experience, if it is too deafening, will have a considerable impact on the length of the stay and on possible complications. That is why this study was set up, to reassure, accompany, relieve patients and nursing staff in intensive care. 

Before her operation, the patient was exposed to the C2Care software with Dr. Maltese for a total immersion. Thanks to these exposures and the work of the psychologist, she was able to prepare for her stay in the intensive care unit, meet the caregivers and discover the machines that would accompany her in her recovery. The goal was to minimize the traumatic impact once the patient began her stay in the ICU. 

“Once the operation was over, I woke up without surprise.” These are his words. The results are promising and we are eager to take this project to the next level and develop this study to support new patients and institutions..

C2Care thanks Hôpital Nord and Maryse Pour la Vie as well as Dr. Coiffard and Dr. Maltese. 

Think about it: organ, tissue, blood and bone marrow donations save lives every day.