Written by C2Care

February 24, 2020

March 16-29, 2020 will be the 31st Mental Health Information Weeks. (MHIW), more than one hundred events will take place throughout France. MHIW are organized by the National Collective of MHIW, composed of many actors of mental health in France.

MHIW have 5 main objectives :

  1. SENSITIZE the public on mental health issues.
  2. INFORM, from the annual theme, on the different approaches to Mental Health.
  3. GATHER through this communication effort, actors and spectators of the events, professionals and users of mental health.
  4. HELP the development of solidarity, reflection and care networks in mental health.
  5. MAKE KNOWN places, means and people who can provide support or local information.

The theme of this year’s edition is “Mental Health and Discrimination.”. Indeed, people with mental health problems are very often victims of discrimination. Psychiatric patients are thus wrongly perceived as “irresponsible,” “incurable” and “dangerous.”.

These negative stereotypes have multiple impacts on several levels :

  • internalization of stigma leading to lowered self-esteem, as well as feelings of shame, guilt and inferiority ;
  • A loss of social ties, reinforcing a sense of isolation ;
  • Difficulties in finding work, in finding housing, in accessing social assistance… which leads to marginalization

For all of these reasons, stigma can impact care and treatment, increasing the risk of breakdown of care

Working with many mental health specialists, we arevery strongly aware of the importance of fighting stigma against psychiatric users. Our solutions are part of a psychosocial rehabilitation process and comprehensive care. For this reason, we wholeheartedly support the SISM initiative and encourage you to come in numbers to the events.

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