Driving cars is, for most people, a sign of autonomy, freedom and therefore good life conditions. However, car driving is a complicated task, including many cognitive and sensorial functions.

Amaxophobia and VRET : what does science say ?

The fear of driving is a quite usual phobia which stops people in their daily lives. This makes them suffer from a lack of freedom. However, researchers agreed on the fact that in vivo exposure is efficient to reduce people’s anxiety. But, they also highlight the situation’s insecurities (for the patient and for the therapist) because of the uncertain context.

There are many studies analyzing amaxophobia’s treatment in virtual reality. Results have proved that anxiety apparition is also possible in virtual reality. Combining in virtuo and in vivo situations optimizes therapeutic effects. Moreover, qualitative analysis highlights that the therapeutic engagement is better because of the safety feeling given in this environment.


Treating amaxophobia in Virtual Reality

Driving phobia is a common phobia, but in vivo exposure treatment can be tough.

Creating environments simulating driving anxiety-provoking contexts with realism is possible with virtual reality. These environments can be used for drivers or passengers fearing roads.

C2Drive’s software safely exposes your patient in many different environments. The therapist can adjust the situations thanks to various functionalities which optimize the therapies and the results.


C2Drive : realism but with safety

C2Drive is used with:

  • A virtual reality headset
  • A steering wheel
  • A pedal board

With these materials, the perfect simulation can be made. Ecological conditions are recreated to make an exact evaluation of driving fear and skills.

What does the healthcare professional do ?

Progressively and safely, your patient can be exposed to his phobic contexts. To do an adaptive and gradual therapy, the professional has the entire control of meteorological stimuli, driving context (day/night), and the patient’s virtual posture (driver or passenger).

Many situations are offered by C2Drive to target your patient’s issues : getting on the highway, traffic jams, passing trucks… Our environments are creating an optimized exposure.

The high degree of realism gives the best driving context simulations. In Virtuo exposure is the perfect therapeutic tool to safely treat the fear of driving.


Other situation : fear of getting in a highway

Highway’s insertion, driving on highways are fearful situations for many drivers or passengers. Your patient virtual works on this fear, and treats his phobia in confidentiality and safely within your office. But there are many other types of driving fears such as :

  • Anxiety concerning driving in a tunnel
  • Highway’s rejection
  • Driving with a heavy traffic

All of these situations can be found in C2Drive


List of anxiety disorders with C2Drive:

Find out all of our various available environments depending on the pathology you want to treat.

C2Drive - Daytime Highway


Driving phobia can be taken care of with our adaptative available environments. It can be day or night highways, bridges, cities, tunnels… Exposure can be gradually done with all the possible modifications such as traffic, speed, time… to get closer to reality.

C2Drive - Tunnel


Claustrophobia can be treated with C2Drive using tunnels to create a habit by reitaring the virtual exposure situations. Like amaxophobia, it’s possible to modify traffic, type of vehicles around, speed or weather.

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