Driving cars is, for most people, a sign of autonomy, freedom and therefore good life conditions. However, car driving is a complicated task, including many cognitive and sensorial functions.


The fear of driving is a relatively common phobia that impairs the daily lives of those who suffer from it. Researchers agree on the effectiveness of in vivo exposure to reduce the disorder. However, authors highlight the inherent insecurity of this exposure (for both the patient and the therapist).

The treatment of amaxophobia through virtual reality has been evaluated in several studies. The results have demonstrated that the onset of anxiety is indeed possible through virtual environments. The combination of in virtuo and in vivo methods optimizes therapeutic gains. Additionally, qualitative analyses emphasize that engagement in treatment is facilitated by the safety offered by this method.


treat amaxophobia with virtual reality


The fear of driving is a common phobia, but its treatment through in vivo exposure can be challenging.

Virtual reality has enabled us to create environments that realistically simulate anxiety-inducing contexts for phobic drivers and passengers. 

The C2Drive software allows you to safely expose your patients. The various features will assist healthcare professionals in managing amaxophobia and enable optimal virtual reality therapy.



The C2Drive software is used with:

  • A virtual reality headset
  • A steering wheel
  • A pedal set

This creates a perfect simulation of driving, allowing for an ecological assessment of the ability to resume driving.

How does the healthcare professional intervene?

Gradually and safely, you can expose your patients to multiple phobia-inducing contexts. To conduct an adapted and progressive therapy, the healthcare professional will have control over weather stimuli, the driving context (day/night), and the virtual position of the patient in the car (driver or passenger).

Several scenarios are offered by C2Drive, allowing you to target your patients’ difficulties: highway entry, traffic jams, overtaking trucks… Our comprehensive environments ensure optimal exposure.

The high degree of realism guarantees an ideal simulation of road contexts. In virtuo exposure is your ideal therapeutic ally for safely treating the fear of driving.



Merging onto and then driving at high speeds on the highway are situations feared by many drivers and passengers. Experienced in virtuo by the patient, this situation can finally be worked on and treated in complete confidentiality and safety within your practice. Another situation involving the fear of merging onto the highway :

  • Panic at the thought of driving through a tunnel
  • Refusal to take the highway
  • Driving in heavy traffic

All these situations are now available in virtual reality on C2Drive.

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    List of anxiety disorders treated with C2Drive:

    Discover the various environments available based on the condition you want to treat.

    C2Drive - Daytime Highway


    Driving phobia can be taken care of with our adaptative available environments. It can be day or night highways, bridges, cities, tunnels… Exposure can be gradually done with all the possible modifications such as traffic, speed, time… to get closer to reality.

    C2Drive - Tunnel


    Claustrophobia can be treated with C2Drive using tunnels to create a habit by reitaring the virtual exposure situations. Like amaxophobia, it’s possible to modify traffic, type of vehicles around, speed or weather.

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