Various environments are available : mountains, sea, beach, forests, parks… To totally relax with C2Hypno, you can use the hypnosis voices on different themes.

VRET and Relaxation : from the research’s axis

Scientific studies highlight interest in using virtual reality for relaxation. Navarro-Harro (2017) has proved that:

Immersing people in virtual environments significantly reduces negative emotions.

In 2019; she also spotlighted that the combination of virtual reality and mindfulness is significantly more efficient than only doing mindfulness.

On another hand, studies made in oncology and algology have brought important datas on using virtual reality to reduce pain and anxiety and to increase well-being. Researchers prove virtual reality can be used as an entire therapeutic solution, but also as a complementary treatment.


Multi Sensoriality with virtual reality

To ease the patient engagement and response to its needs, C2Hypno provides various environments, such as:

  • Mountains
  • Sea
  • Forests
  • Parks
  • Gardens

Auditory stimuli linked to the environments are added in these virtual places (birds sounds, waves sounds…). It optimizes people’s immersion and the attendance feeling. You can customize these applications by activating a hypnosis voice or turn on classical music.


Emotional management and relaxation in virtual reality

Physiological and psychological disorders are often caused by stress and anxiety. C2Hypno will help treat, either a pathological behavior or issues in their daily life. Initiating positive emotions and a calm state of mind can be made with our various environments.

You can optimize your mindfulness, sophrology, hypnosis and relaxation sessions. All of our environments are made with a scientific and a professional team (psychologists, hypnotherapists, sophrologists…).


C2Hypno : a software with many benefits

C2Hypno is an efficient alternative to more classical therapies. Therapeutic techniques combined with C2Care software where environments and functionalities can be changed anytime are making it more efficient.

Reducing anxiety and stress symptoms optimize therapeutic success : immersing patients in virtual reality is a good facilitator to learn breathing techniques, to learn how to let it go and meditation. Initiating positive feelings is easier with the multi sensorial stimulation. Pain perception and stress linked to surgery are going to be reduced during medical interventions. Your patient’s nights are going to be quieter by stimulating their mental imagery combined with a calm breath.

What’s Snoezelen ?

A Snoezelen’s module is available in C2Hypno. Snoezelen, in virtual reality, has been created to bring calm and stimulating moments. Added to some other C2Care’s software creates systematic desensibilisation. Relaxing environment is the perfect way to introduce virtual reality to your patients or to end up your sessions positively.


In Virtuo cardiac coherence

To ease the cardiac coherence techniques, your patient can be assisted by a visual help within the virtual environment. This visual help is a bubble which represents your patient’s diaphragm and the inhalation and exhalation time can be customized. This visual completes a total relaxation.


C2Hypno list of environments :

Find out all our different available environments to relax.

C2 Drive driving in the rain

3D Environments

Immersing your patients in a virtual relaxing environment significantly reduces negative feelings.

Many 3D environments are offered (lakes, enchanted walk, dunes, finding sleep, diving, bamboos walk, stimulating snoezelen, relaxing snoezelen) to introduce positive feelings and instaure a calm state of mind.

C2Phobia Buildings

Real environments

All of our C2Hypno 3D and real environments (earth from space, hot air balloon, beach, creek, mountains, forest’s walk, fireworks on a castle, Morocco, waterfall, snowy garden, asian garden, park’s walk) have auditionary stimuli linked to the environment (birdsong, sound of wave breaking…). These stimuli facilitate a patient’s adherence, his experience and his attendance feeling to answer to his needs. Environments can be customized by activating hypnosis voices or by adding classical music.

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