Patients with anxiety disorders will be placed prolonged and repeatedly in virtual C2Phobia situations that are actively avoided due to their anxiety-provoking nature. Through this exposure, the therapist will induce a phenomenon of habituation.

The patient will gradually become accustomed to the virtual anxiety-provoking stimuli and will be able, thanks to the transfer of learning, to regain normal functioning in the face of real situations and objects that were previously a source of intense anxiety.

This transfer of learning is made possible by the immersion and sense of presence that maximizes the potential of deconditioning.

List of anxiety disorders treated with C2Phobia:

Find the different C2Phobia environments available according to the pathology you wish to treat.

Illustration amaxophobia fear of driving

Amaxophobia - Fear of driving

You’ll find various driving context environments : traffic jams, tunnels, highways, countryside roads …

Fear of vide virtual reality

Acrophobia - Fear of height

A skyscraper is available to work on different height levels. A crane is also available to overview a big city..

Social phobia virtual reality therapy

Social phobia - Fear of other’s gaze

Many environments are facing you to people’s gaze : subway, airport, supermarket, building, auditorium, conference room, outside crowd, or even a walking crowd.

Fear of public places virtual reality therapy

Agoraphobia - Fear of public places

It’s possible to work on the fear of being in public places in many environments : subway, airport, supermarket, building, skyscraper, auditorium, conference room, outside crowd, walking crowd, cinema, dustbin, hospital service, room visit, waking up (day or night), water …

Fear of confined spaces virtual reality

Claustrophobia - Fear of confined places

Environments about claustrophobia’s work are numerous : Subway, airport, building, customizable room, underground room, cinema…

Fear of the virtual reality oven

Ochlophobia - Fear of crowds

Being confronted by crowds can be done in various environments (such as the supermarket, outside crowd, walking crowd, cinema …) by changing the attendance.

Fear of public speaking virtual reality

Glossophobia - Fear of speaking in public

In all the glossophobic environments (auditorium, conference room…), it’s possible to modify the attendance and interactor’s behavior (distracted, mocking…).

Fear of insects virtual reality

Entomophobia - Fear of insects

In environments such as “dustbin” or “kitchen”, the number of insects, their size and their mobility can be changed.

Fear of spiders virtual reality

Arachnophobia - Fear of spiders

Just like environments made for the insects, “dustbin” and “kitchen” can be modified by their number, their size or spiders’ movements.

Fear of animals virtual reality

Zoophobia - Fear of animals

Cats, dogs, pigeons and many other videos or environments of different situations are available. It’s also possible to change the dog’s breed, size or even its behavior.

Fear of water virtual reality

Aquaphobia - Fear of water

Our “water” environments offers two different places : a small or a big boat where the patient face his fear of water

Treating OCD virtual reality

OCD - Obsessional-Compulsive Disorders

OCD can be treated using different environments : airport, basements, hospital services, room visit, waking room day or night).

Post traumatic stress virtual reality

PTSD - Post traumatic stress disorders

Many environments can be used to work on a patient’s PTSD : subway, airport, basement, hospital services, room visit, waking room (day or night), city at night, Orient or even water.

Treating the fear of vomiting

Emetophobia - Fear of vomiting

Some of our 3D environments are made to treat emetophobia such as “waking room” (day or night), or “vomit”. Many videos are available.

C2Phobia - PTSD

Hematophobia, belonephobia - Fear of blood, fear of needles

Some 3D environments are available to treat the fear of blood and the fear of needles : hospital services, room visit, waking room (night or day) and many other videos..

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