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Eating disorders are about having deviant practices on food, with negative physical and psychological health consequences. DSM-5 categorized in 3 main pathologies : anorexia, bulimia and hyperoxia nervosa. Obesity is also a chronic disease linked to eating disorders with psychological consequences.

Eating disorders and VRET : what does scientific research teach us ?

There is more and more research about treating eating disorders in virtual reality. Signifiants resultats give new perspectives to researchers and to clinicians. Marco (2013) has shown that using virtual reality with dysmorphophobic patients is really efficient. Cognitive-behavioral therapies techniques included in Virtual Reality Exposure Therapies have shown more efficient results than cognitive-behavioral therapies without using virtual reality.

Are VRET useful in the treatment of obesity ?

Concrete and significant results have proved the efficiency of using virtual reality in the treatment of virtual reality.

Studies have proved that virtual reality helps decrease food craving, but, as well to favor the loss of weight and maintaining what they’ve earned long-term.

Moreover, studies spotlight the fact that virtual reality brings an emotional and cognitive activation linked to the eating disorder.

Eating disorder treated by virtual reality

C2Nutri has been developed to treat eating disorders. Our applications have been created with our scientific committee and all our medical or paramedical partners.

All the different scenes help you on treating anorexia, bulimia, hyperoxia nervosa and obesity.

Available functionalities and settings are bringing up therapeutics goals and dysfunctional thoughts in this disorder.


From awareness to virtual reality treatment

C2Nutri is a software specifically made to treat the causes underlied in eating disorders.

The shape test helps to evaluate the severity of the dysmorphophobia and encourages the disorder awareness in the patient’s mind. Being in the fitting room highlights automatic thoughts and cognitive and emotional ideas about how they perceive their body image.Also, your patient is going to directly see the gap between their perceived shape and the real one (depending on the BMI).

Working on food craving in virtual reality exposure s therapies can be done with :

  • The supermarket 
  • The apartment 
  • Appetizer stimuli

Finally, you can do nutritional education with your patients, with the help of an environment where they can compose their own meal tray. This application is going to help you improve your patient’s nutritive knowledge and will help to reintroduce forbidden food to anorexic patients.

C2Nutri brings a multidisciplinary work and it is being a great additional technique to take care of eating disorders patients.

 Dysmorphophobia - C2Nutri


C2Nutri highlights a work on the patient’s body image and his cognitive’s distortions.
C2Nutri - Chocolate supermarket

Food craving

Being exposed to different kinds of food is possible with C2Nutri to increase food craving. Virtual reality tends to reproduce “reality”, so the patient can learn alternative strategies to decrease his craving.
C2Nutri - Nutritional education

Nutritional education

It’s possible to compose different kinds of food trays with C2Nutri. Therefore, it will help the therapy to work on meal composition and its nutritional values.
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