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Virtual Reality C2Nutri application

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapies is actually a smart alternative to usual treatments. Being immersed is an important asset for a perfect skill transfer. Indeed some of the exercises elaborated in the application are made to evaluate and to cure this disorder are usually made with paper and pencil.

Virtual reality enhances therapeutic processes by immersing patients in a customizable and adaptive reality depending on cognitive distortions.

Emotional, behavioral and physiological causes can be treated in virtual reality. Added to regular analytic therapy, virtual reality brings a multidisciplinary aspect. Food education can be offered under a virtual environment to make the learning system more ludic, and therefore a better therapeutic engagement.

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    List of eating disorders treated with C2Nutri:

    Find out all the available environments depending on the disorder you’d like to work on.

    C2Nutri Mirror dysmorphophobia


    A virtual evaluation of the shape test is made. Being immersed improves the exactitude of the evaluation’s results, and offers another diagnostic tool. The severity of the dysmorphophobia can be evaluated thanks to this test. In C2Nutri, an environment recreating a virtual body depending on the BMI can be used to work on cognitive distortions. The patient is going to know his disorder in a better way, by being confronted to his real shape compared to his perceived shape.

    C2Nutri - Exposition fast-food


    Taking care of the patient’s craving is possible thanks to C2Nutri using store shelves (bakery, chocolate bar, sodas, candies, potato chips, sandwiches, ice cream…), and many other food stimuli (meal trays, appetizer biscuits, fast food…). It’s possible to work on cognitive treatment (automatic thoughts) and behavioral (exposition).

    Accessibility to some environments in virtual reality is making the patient seeing food stimuli and tempting situations. Therapeutic strategies taught by the therapist are practiced directly in situations. Environment realism makes it easier to bring the skill transfer and will favorise the patient’s empowerment.

    C2Nutri - Nutritional education

    Food education

    Composing e-meal with instant feedback on nutritional values and their knowledge about it. It will help the therapist on evaluating, reintroducing forbidden food and exposing the food craving. As you can see, this application is a really interesting multidisciplinary tool.
    Indeed, food education can be adapted and used by different profesional : Doctors, dietitians, psychologists, nurses.
    Moreover, patients with various pathologies can be concerned with the use of the software : Obesity, anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eaters, people with diabetes…

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