Our applications

C2Phobia VR Environments


C2Phobia provides access to various virtual environments to treat anxiety disorders such as driving phobia, aviophobia, the fear of insects, the height phobia, public places’ fear, claustrophobia, the fear of crowds, the zoophobia, and many others.

Addictions virtual reality


Two types of addiction are highlighted with C2Addict application:
-Substance-related addiction : Alcohol, cigarettes, cannabis, cocaïne 
-Non-substance-related addiction : Gambling, shopping

addiction food virtual reality C2Nutri


Nutritional education is spotlighted by C2Nutri. The virtual aspect brings a ludic aspect which increases the therapeutic engagement. Emotional causes are treated with exposure to social, behavioral and physiological situations. 

Virtual environments hypnosis


Many environments are available : mountains, sea, beach, forests, parks … To totally relax with C2Hypno, you can use the hypnosis voices on different themes.

Mobility Environments Virtual Reality


C2Physio is a software made to give more solutions on physical therapies. It has been thought and created with a team of researchers and physical therapists. The patient is immersed in an environment to evaluate mobility, vestibular and functional reeducation.

Photo Software customization virtual reality


C2Custom is an application made to expose people to more specific contents.You can upload images, videos or 360° videos directly from the internet or from your computer

Interior view car application C2DRIVE


C2Drive puts the user in a virtual exposure driving situation : highway during the day, highway during the night, tunnel and city.

C2Neuro virtual supermarket view


C2Neuro is a virtual and interactive supermarket environment to do qualitative neuropsychological evaluations. There are physical exercises such as grip working or shelving.

C2BRAIN Virtual Cognitive Training


C2Brain is a software made for cognitive training with easy and ludics exercises. You’ll be able to work on memory and senses.

Virtual Pet Software


Playing with a virtual pet is possible with C2Comp. This solution stimulates cognitive functions in a ludic way but also treats anhedonia thanks to the zootherapy benefits.

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