C2Brain is a software made for cognitive training and offers easy and ludic exercices appropriate for cognitive stimulation, sensorial therapies and for memory skills.

Cognitive stimulation and VRET : From the scientific’s eye

Virtual reality combined with cognitive rehabilitation improves the patient’s skills to treat and use incoming datass.

Virtual environments, with the help of the interactive and immersing approach, are training applications developed to improve people’s skills by working on procedural memory.

Cognitive processes can, therefore, be restored by reiterating regularly the exposures (Kilinger, 2006).


C2Brain : combinaison between performance and ludic aspect

C2Brain, one of our virtual reality applications, has been conceived for cognitive training and has been developed to be easily used and in a ludic way. Many stimulating games are available for cognitive training.

We have developed this application considering some sensorial and motor issues that some people can have.

C2Brain, with its systematic results analysis, is allowing a work on cognitive fall and readaptative and functional issues (Rose & al., 1996, Rizzo & Buckwalter, 1997).


Targeting concentration by the engagement

C2Brain are bringing the possibility to give choices, and to make decisions depending on actions and reactions. It’s possible to make different levels of difficulties give the possibility to do traditional tests (Pugnetii & al., 1998) or to ask for hardest tasks taking into consideration time, interest and people’s engagement (Zhang & al., 2001).

Levels evolve depending on success. C2Brain gives a cognitive readaptation approach focusing on

  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Visual perception
  • Anticipation
  • Problems solving
  • Decision taking
  • Executive functions

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapies create systematic approaches for patients’ memory, but also for rehabilitation using ludic and motivating tools.


List of treatments made with C2Brain:

Find out all our available environments depending on the skills you want to stimulate.

C2Brain - Memory

Memory skills

With the memory game, you can work on cognitive and practical stimulation. Obviously, memory can be worked with this application. Indeed, to find a couple of cards, you’ll have to memorize the cards and their location. We offer different levels of difficulty (number of cards increased)

C2Brain - Attracted

Practical skills

“ Attracted” is also made for cognitive stimulation, but also for practical use. Indeed, the goal is to bring each astronaut to a specific place. To reach this goal, slow and specific gestures are needed to create their path. This game is putting forward practical skills and cognitive skills.

C2Brain - Gold seeker

Spatial perception’s skills

“Gold seeker” is developed to work on motors and cognitive’s skills. Spatial perception, anticipation, attentional and practical skills are the main skills put forward. In this game, the goal is to find the golden coin by taking out the bricks but without making it fall down. The cognitive stimulation progressively increases with the 44 different levels.

C2Brain - Save me

Anticipation skills

“Save me” is a cognitive stimulation and strategic game. In the environment, different characters have to fall down, the little girl excepted. Anticipation and attentional skills are involved.
Progressively, levels are getting harder to always put up cognitive stimulation.

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