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application C2Addict

The C2Addict virtual environments, which replicate real-life situations containing craving cues (an intense desire to consume or engage in a behavior), allow patients to confront their difficulties.

Through exposure to the object and/or addiction cues, the therapist will work not only on active cognitive processes (permissive thoughts, dysfunctional beliefs) but also on problematic behavior by providing appropriate methods to manage their addiction.

Addictology and vret : from the scientific’s eye 

In virtuo therapies have been the subject of numerous studies regarding their effectiveness in addiction treatment. Recently, some authors have highlighted the advantages of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) over imaginal exposure: VR and AR significantly generate more dysfunctional automatic thoughts.

This tool presents genuine clinical relevance for cognitive restructuring work. Research also demonstrates that the intensity of craving experienced during in virtuo exposure is comparable to that experienced in vivo. This results in higher therapeutic engagement through Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET).

Validated for exposure to tobacco, drug, alcohol, and gambling addictions, in virtuo therapies have shown significant results, making them of great clinical interest.


C2Addict : comprehensive addiction management

Thanks to the realism of the environments, the emergence of problematic cognitions, emotions, and behaviors underlying addiction can be achieved in the office. Stimuli related to substance use will provide the opportunity to assess the severity of craving.

Ecological contexts will allow for efficient exposure. Indeed, in virtuo exposure overcomes the ethical and ecological limitations of imaginal and in vivo exposure in addiction treatment.


treating addictions with virtual reality or augmented reality

Virtual reality and, very recently, augmented reality have enabled us to create ecological virtual environments for treating addiction to tobacco, alcohol, gambling, and drugs.

We have developed optimal contexts to treat addictions in virtuo and facilitate the transfer of therapeutic benefits to your patients’ daily lives.

The environments have been designed to elicit intense cravings in patients. They will trigger the same cognitive, emotional, and behavioral responses experienced in everyday addiction scenarios.

C2Addict will allow you to safely and confidentially expose your patient within your office.



target the craving !

Our environments result from the collaboration between our scientific team and academics specializing in addiction studies.

They have been designed and created to facilitate the evaluation, treatment, and prevention of relapse risks by prioritizing craving.

Different contexts are available depending on the targeted pathology: bar, home, casino. Situations conducive to the emergence of permissive thoughts are offered (waiting, home, social contexts), from which patients can choose the stimuli that generate the most craving.


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    List of treated addiction with C2Addict:

    Find out all the available environments depending on the addiction you’d like to work on.

    C2Addict - Tobacco


    Tobacco addiction solutions can be found with the help of all the different settings available in virtual environments. It is easier to modify the craving cues and to change the use context : Bar, bus shelter, smoking in a flat (during the day, during the night), restaurant’s terrace, tobacconist….

    C2Addict - Alcohol in apartments


    Exposing people in various places will be helpful to work on the patient’s craving (restaurant’s terrace, bar, casino, apartment at night or during the day, supermarket…). To optimize the cognitive restructuring, the modification of synthetical stimuli are bringing up dysfunctional thoughts or beliefs.

    C2Addict - Marijuana


    Drug addiction works on a similar idea as tobacco addiction. In different environments, you can modify multiple settings to increase the craving cues : drugs in the apartment during the day or during the night, drugs in a squat …
    Added to the exposure, you’ll be able to work on your patient’s dysfunctional response towards craving cues with techniques like cardiac coherence.

    C2Addict - Tobacco


    Gambling addictions work with submersing patients in a virtual casino. The therapist has the possibility to control the interlocutor’s behavior and bring up many different stimuli : Craving cues, interactions with gaming machines…
    The expositions can also be done in some other environments such as tobacconist (tickets, lottery…).

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