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Virtual environments to optimize your mindfulness, sophrology, hypnosis and relaxation sessions.

Escape, travel, soothe or relax is possible with C2Hypno environments. The application offers the possibility of immersing oneself in environments that stimulate memories. Whether you use it independently or with others, this software offers many possibilities to enhance the daily life of your patients and/or residents.

Relaxation is a gentle technique to calm agitation and stress, to help people fall asleep, to reduce pain or to increase well-being. 


Navaro-Harro (2017) demonstrated that immersing patients in a relaxing virtual environment significantly reduced their negative emotions.

With multisensory stimuli, priming positive emotions will be easy and will reduce the perception of pain during medical procedures and ease the stress inherent in these procedures. Prepare your patients for peaceful nights by stimulating their mental imagery capacity coupled with calm breathing.

The many environments offered (mountains, seas, forests, parks, etc.) will allow you to initiate positive emotions and establish a state of calm.


enrollment and learning

All C2Hypno environments are enriched with coherent auditory stimuli such as bird songs or wave sounds that activate multisensoriality. These stimuli will facilitate the patient’s adherence, immersion and sense of presence to best meet their needs. The environments can also be personalized by activating a hypnosis voice or by associating classical music.

A breathing aid to facilitate the learning of cardiac coherence exercises is also available in the C2Hypno software. The bubbles complete the relaxation work by allowing you to let go. This learning can be reinforced by applying relaxation methods such as Jacobson Progessive Relaxation Method or Schultz‘s relaxation.



Snoezelen is a unique method that appeals to many senses in order to bring moments of soothing and stimulation to its users. C2Care’s Snoezelen solution is popular with many organizations and offers the possibility of exposing several patients in the same workshop, of proposing personalized experiences and of integrating this new method very quickly and easily.

Thanks to virtual reality, the proposal of these experiences is greatly facilitated. You will find all the indicators of this method designed to bring moments of appeasement and stimulation: auditory stimulation, visual stimulation, stimulation by touch thanks to the virtual reality headset controllers (vibrations). All of this can be customized according to the needs and interests of the patient and/or resident. 


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How does the relaxation treatment work?

20-30 minute relaxation sessions in Virtual Reality, coupled with a relaxation method (cardiac coherence, mindfulness, autogenic training)

  • Possibility to do group sessions
  • Possibility of using it independently

20-30 minute sessions of cognitive stimulation with the therapist

For who?

For seniors with depressive symptoms, anhedonia, anxiety symptoms and/or cognitive impairment.

What are the contraindications?

The contraindications to the use of virtual reality are

  • Photosensitive epileptic patients
  • Pregnant women
  • Psychotic patients in crisis

Patient acceptance?

A literature review by D’Cunha et al, 2019, as well as clinical trials with pilot facilities showed that virtual reality was well accepted and appreciated by patients.

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