C2Care is above all the story of a strong friendship between its two co-founders, Romain Streichemberger and Pierre Gadea. The imperative need to make themselves useful, coupled with the meeting with a doctor specialized in the treatment of phobias via virtual reality encourages them to use their know-how to improve an existing device and to contribute to treating people.

Around this idea – the deployment of an expert team made up of academics and healthcare professionals was born, to build the most complete virtual reality exposure therapy solution on the market.

We are committed to develop solutions that facilitate access and improve the care of each patient.


Chairman, C2Care

C2Care, a start-up created in 2015, is the world leading company in the development of therapeutic software in virtual reality.

Convinced that the well-being of everyone depends above all on access to quality and easy care, we are committed to develop solutions that facilitate this access and that improves the care of each patient.

We are convinced that everyone’s well-being comes above all through the access to quality care.

Pierre GADEA

CEO, C2Care


We develop, under the guidance of university medical teams and healthcare professionals, therapeutic software based on exposure therapy.

All (therapies by exposure to virtual reality) are recognized as a Class 1 Medical Device.

We have developed several care modules, a teleconsultation platform and have the ambition to develop new innovative solutions, with the aim of simplifying access to health care in general, and mental health in particular.

équipe médical therapi


To allow each individual suffering from mental and cognitive disorders to be able to access an innovative range of care that meets their specific needs.

To Simplify the care of patients suffering from mental disorders, mild or severe cognitive disorders and loss of autonomy, by developing solutions adapted to healthcare professionals practicing in offices, healthcare establishments or wishing to carry out teleconsultation sessions.

For the patient’s support to be complete, we go beyond offering face-to-face services by offering a follow-up service and exercises at home.

Our Applications

Psychological troubles

Loss of autonomy

Functional and vestibular rehabilitation




All our software are classified as a Class 1 Medical Device. We also guarantee the highest level of protection of your data by hosting our solutions on an Approved Health Data Host (HADS).

What is the C2Care organisation structure?

At C2Care there are currently around twenty employees led by the founders of the company: Pierre Gadéa and Romain Streichemberger. The different departments are, sales/client management, marketing, accounting, software development (front and back end) and research and development and logistics.

C2Care is a modern agile organisation that develops in sprints. All development is made inhouse, to assure the quality of the products, from the medical and user perspective. Different research partners are active as advisors connected to each application developed, to ensure the medical validity.

How was the idea of C2Care born?

Sometimes encounters are providential. This is the case of Pierre Gadéa and Romain Streichemberger. Bound by a friendship and a common desire to innovate with a view to making a sincere and meaningful contribution to mental health treatment. Their journey has crossed paths with that of Dr. Eric Malbos. This leading psychiatrist, a pioneer of virtual reality in France, challenged them on the need to develop solutions using this technology. C2Care was born in 2015 and its activities have been constantly developing ever since. As a creator of virtual reality software, this start-up has succeeded in positioning itself as a scientific partner for many healthcare institutions.

What are corporate values of C2Care?

Innovation: Innovation is clearly in the C2Care DNA. Passion underpins this value, common to all our employees. We are daily concerned with advancing the field of e-health, each particle present in our premises is colored by the desire to innovate. The latter guides our professional steps and is structured with regard to rigorous specifications.

Unity: We are very aware that we can only exist if the team is united. Our work is the result of interdisciplinary, intra and inter-company collaborations. The result of this value is impactful, a company that unifies is also a company that shines. We are committed to offering a space, a group, a real “team” to our professional entourage. This unit also pays off in the short and long term: prosperous partnerships, hyper-qualitative work and stimulating group dynamics.

Quality: We collaborate with scientists and adopt their professional postures in the development of our solutions. Mental illnesses have, in the course of history, been short of medical considerations enough for today, the circumstance of mea culpa, to be translated into functional solutions. Each environment, each device created has key stages behind it: study of the need, review of the literature, elaboration of the specifications, development, experiments. Our work is fully in line with the postulates of the experimental approach.

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