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    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder- ADHD

    Advanced Techniques for Improving Focus and Impulse Control

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) impacts attention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity, affecting education, work, and social interactions. ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder marked by difficulties in maintaining attention, excessive hyperactivity, and impulsive behaviors. It significantly disrupts academic, professional, and social activities. Symptoms, often evident from childhood, include frequent forgetfulness, difficulty organizing tasks, lack of persistence in mentally demanding activities, and a tendency to interrupt others or act without considering consequences.

    Managing ADHD typically involves a combination of medications, behavioral therapies, and increasingly, innovative interventions like virtual reality that offer strategies to improve concentration and impulse control. These methods aim to maximize independence and enhance the quality of life by helping individuals structure their routines and develop adaptive social and professional skills.

    Approximately 5% of children and 2.5% of adults in Europe are affected by this disorder.

    Using Virtual Reality in the Treatment of ADHD

    Virtual Reality, used by C2Care since 2015, has proven effective in treating various psychological disorders by offering innovative and tailored solutions.

    Effects of VR:

    “Virtual reality shows 80% effectiveness, with benefits lasting more than a year after treatment.” — Dr. Eric Malbos, Psychiatrist. 


    Our virtual reality programs are designed to address the specific challenges posed by ADHD, offering environments and scenarios that enhance attentional skills and impulse management.

    brain hpi
    Over 1000 patients already treated, be the next!


    C2Brain is an innovative virtual reality tool designed to enhance concentration and attention in individuals with ADHD. Through engaging exercises, the software creates simulated environments that captivate the user while specifically targeting attention skills.

    The scenarios vary in complexity and are adjustable to meet individual needs, offering a personalized experience.

    This tool is particularly effective for children, making learning attention management fun and interactive, but it is also suitable for adults, providing more structured activities to strengthen concentration in professional and everyday contexts.

    C2Brain - Memory
    C2Phobia - cliffs


    C2Phobia is a virtual reality application specifically designed to help users manage impulses and strengthen self-control. By using interactive VR scenarios, C2Phobia immerses individuals in controlled situations where they can practice and improve their behavioral responses to various provocations.

    This tool is essential for those struggling with impulse control, offering a safe and structured environment to learn effective impulse management techniques.

    The varied and customizable exercises allow users to progress at their own pace, gradually enhancing their ability to handle stress and unexpected reactions in daily life.


    C2Hypno is a virtual reality program dedicated to teaching relaxation techniques and stress management. Utilizing advanced methods such as cardiac coherence, C2Hypno helps users regulate anxiety and achieve a state of mental calm.

    The software offers a variety of relaxing scenarios and guided exercises that facilitate the learning of controlled breathing and other deep relaxation techniques.

    These exercises are designed to be easily integrated into daily routines, allowing users to reduce stress, improve overall well-being, and manage anxiety-provoking situations more effectively. C2Hypno is a valuable tool for anyone seeking to enhance mental health and quality of life.

    C2Hypno - Virtual Nature


    Discover the benefits of virtual reality with C2Care to improve concentration, stress management, and self-control. Our solutions, C2Brain, C2Phobia, and C2Hypno, are specifically designed to offer personalized and effective support. Join us now to transform your life with innovative and proven techniques. Don’t miss this chance to progress towards a better quality of life!

      Do you need help ? A psychologist calls you


      How does it work ?


      I get my headset

      You will receive a virtual reality headset with unlimited access to our software, or, if you are already equipped, you can choose to receive only the software. Our packages are carefully packed and shipped very quickly.

      Videotherapy session

      I carry out my sessions

      During 2 sessions per month, the psychologist and yourself will discuss your ADHD in order to understand it and to give you the necessary tools to reduce it. You will be exposed to virtual reality in a progressive manner adapted to your ADHD.

      Man with vr helmet

      I use my headset autonomously

      Apart from the sessions with your psychologist, you will be able to repeat as many times as necessary the exposure to the different heights situations in order to create a habituation and thus reduce the anxiety related to them.


      Each person tells in their own words about the support they have received and the major changes that have taken place in their lives. All these testimonies are proof that yes, one’s life can change, and that we are doing everything we can to guide you on the path to that change.

      Lucas, 13 years

      “Before I started with C2Care, I had a hard time concentrating in class and often felt overwhelmed by homework. But since I’ve been following their program, things are much better. The virtual reality sessions are super interesting and it doesn’t look like a boring exercise at all. My coach is really nice and he helps me find techniques that work for me. Now I feel calmer and I can follow in class without feeling lost all the time. My parents and teachers have also noticed that I am more attentive. I am happy because I feel more confident and less stressed.”

      Sophie, 25 years

      “The C2Care program was a revelation to me. Managing my attention and impulses was always a struggle, but now I have the tools to overcome these challenges. The ongoing support and understanding of my psychologist really helped me progress. I feel less anxious and much more self-conscious, which has transformed my daily life.”

      Emma, 11 years

      “Before I started the C2Care program, I often found it difficult to sit in class and everything was distracting. It was frustrating because I wanted to do my homework but I couldn’t concentrate. Since I do the virtual reality sessions, I learned a lot of tricks to better listen and not move all the time. VR games are really fun and I don’t see time passing. My therapist helps me a lot and she is very nice. She gives me advice that I use at school and at home. My grades are getting better and I am super proud of myself!”

        Do you need help ? A psychologist calls you