Around 7 persons out of 10 suffer from entomophobia.

For more than 30 years, virtual reality therapies have proved their efficiency in anxiety disorders and in phobias such as the fear of insects (entomophobia). Being exposed regularly in virtual reality will lead us to a desensitization of the fear and a reduction of your anxiety in this situation.

« Virtual reality has shown 80% of efficiency, and the benefits are maintained for more than a year after the therapy » Eric Malbos, Psychiatric doctor

C2Care, virtual reality therapeutic software world leader since 2015, makes available the possibility to expose yourself directly at home. To overcome this fear, psychological assistance is made to give you cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques and with virtual reality exposure.

C2Phobia Spider on the hand

Why using virtual reality for entomophobia ?

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapies (VRET) are based on Cognitive-Behavioral therapies (CBT). You are being exposed to a situation similar to reality using a virtual reality headset. 

Gradually, you are going to be exposed to different situations (the number of insects, their size, their movements…) safely, and still in a well-known place. The therapy depends on your own rhythm. The exposure can be reiterated as needed to create the habituation and make the anxiety disappear.

C2Phobia bees flying
Bee under a glass C2Phobia
Spiders virtual reality C2Phobia
Spider next to the hand

How does it work ?

You receive a virtual reality headset with unlimited access to the software. If you already have your headset, you can directly have access to the software. You are able to expose yourself in various environments linked to your phobia (bees, spiders…)

Simultaneously, twice a month, you have appointments with a psychologist to help you with your anxiety. During these consultations, you are using the virtual reality headset. It’s helpful to discuss and to understand more about your claustrophobia, and to have useful tools to handle your anxiety. The exposure is gradual and adapted to your needs and to your anxiety.

At the end of the 3 months subscription, you can keep going on the therapy if you want to.

Karyn G. 51 years old

“Well… I am ashamed to say so, but I am scared of all insects. I can’t bring my garbage down, I am too scared to see a bug. Psychotherapy is really great : I have learnt to handle my anxiety and control my reactions in only 3 months. Thanks to the VR environments, recreating real conditions, I can really do better, and my progress is noticeable. Now, I can say that I am proud of myself !”

Marc P. 44 years old

“I had a morbid fear of flying bugs before starting therapy. My psychologist taught me how to handle my anxiety and my stress.At first, it was pretty hard for me, but as the consultations were going on being near insects was getting easier. It was awesome to see that in real life it was easier to use the techniques I have learnt in VR. I definitely recommend it to anyone.”

Roger T. 55 years old

“I’ve always had panic attacks seeing, even the smallest, spiders. Virtual reality environments really helped me. My psychologist controlled how many spiders are on the table, how big they are, their size, and she could even put them inside a jar. Little by little I have learnt how to handle my anxiety toward this situation. I really recommend it !”