School Phobia

28% of teenagers or kids experience a school phobia within their schooling

For more than 30 years, virtual reality therapies have proved their efficiency in anxiety disorder’s care such as school phobia. On top of stimulating mental health and with a gradual and progressive virtual reality exposure, it reduces the anxiety in this situation.

« “Virtual reality has shown 80% of efficiency, and the benefits are maintained for more than a year after the therapy » Eric Malbos, Psychiatric doctor

C2Care, virtual reality therapeutic software world leader since 2015, makes available the possibility to expose your kid directly at home. To overcome this fear, psychological assistance is made to give your kid cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques and with virtual reality exposure.This solution helps your child to go over his school phobia.

School phobia amphitheater

Why using virtual reality in school phobias ?

With a Virtual Reality headset, Children, teenagers or adults face their anxiety in a similar situation as reality. Virtual Reality Exposure Therapies (VRET) are based on Cognitive-Behavioral therapies (CBT).

Gradually, he/she is going to be exposed to different situations that make him / her struggle daily (Classroom, conference room, courtyard,…) in safety. The goal of this therapy is to make it easier for your kid to go to school. This way, your child won’t be anxious in this situation because he/she would have created the habit and made the anxiety disappear.

C2Phobia - Conference room
School phobia - full auditorium
School phobia conference room
phobia - Schoolyard

How does it work ?

You receive a virtual reality headset with unlimited access to the software. If you already have your headset, you can directly have access to the software. Your child will be able to expose himself in various environments linked to school phobia.

Simultaneously, twice a month, he will have appointments with a psychologist to help him with your anxiety. During these consultations, he will be using the virtual reality headset. It’s helpful to discuss and to understand more about his school phobia, and to have useful tools to handle his anxiety. The exposure is gradual and adapted to his needs and to his anxiety.

Mathilde G. 40 years old

“Once my daughter started middle school, I noticed her behavior has changed drastically. She has always been part of the good students,but from then, she started to forget her notebooks, to say that she was sick, to not do her homework anymore … I first thought that she was having an adolescent crisis before realizing it was deeper. She was experiencing a huge lack of well-being and was suffering from being at school. I didn’t dare asking her to go to therapy, so I have decided to make her try home-based virtual reality therapy. Psychotherapy according to virtual reality relieved her and helped her to go through this situation. She is now going back to school without any problem, and with serenity.”

Louise L. 18 years old

“I was harassed by a girl at school, and because of her I was scared of going back to school. I didn’t want to go to school again, at all ! Everyday, I had panic attacks. I almost wasn’t eating anymore. I have stopped school because I couldn’t handle this situation anymore. To help me out, my mother planned home-school. After a couple of months, I was feeling better. But my parents and I thought that it would be better if I had a “normal life”. So, I started a virtual reality treatment with remote consultations. At the beginning, it was pretty hard. Today, I still feel a little bit anxious, but I feel ready to face the back-to-school in september. I am planning to have my senior degree and I know that I am able to get it.

Nathalie P. 41 years old

“Many people were making fun of my son at school because of his weight. At first, he wasn’t talking at all about it, and I haven’t been able to see that he was suffering from it. He was telling me that everything was okay, school was fine. Little by little, he started to show some physical issues : headache, dizziness, vomiting, stomach ache… No one could help us, and the doctor couldn’t find any reason for these symptoms. So, I have tried to help myself, and I have checked online. I found some articles about school phobia and I started to understand. Psychotherapy and virtual reality are helping my son. Today, he is starting to open up a little bit, and work on his wounds.”