C2Care - virtual reality exposure therapy

C2Care designs therapeutic solutions based on virtual reality in order to immerse the user in an environment that creates a certain stress in this user.
The goal is to make virtual exposure therapies accessible to health professionals, and more specifically to mental health professionals.

We have developed a comprehensive virtual reality-based tool to treat phobias, stress, anxiety, eating disorders, addictions and several mental pathologies of patients. This tool includes an application dedicated to each of the diseases to visually expose the patient using a virtual reality helmet.


To regain autonomy and freedom in front of its anxieties


Learning to stop or control tobacco use


To enjoy these benefits in all circumstances and in all places


To find a suitable behavior in front of the food

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

Tested since the 80s, Virtual Reality Exposure Therapies have proved their effectiveness. Research published in various scientific journals demonstrates an increase in motivation compared to conventional therapy: 90% of patients prefer virtual reality helmets to traditional exposure. (Source: BEHAVIOR RESEARCH AND THERAPY No. 40, 2002, p 509-516).

Despite many advantages, these protocols were reserved for a few initiates: specific technical equipment and bulky, cost… as many brakes to the generalization of the use of virtual reality in private practices.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), approximately 10% of people in the United States suffer from phobias. And, in fact, phobias are the most common mental disorder in the U.S. They can now confront the object of their anxiety in a gentle and progressive way, safe in the office of their therapists. Phobias, eating disorders, addictions, C2Care virtual environments allow the treatment of several mental pathologies.

Applied by psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and psychoanalysts, the methods of treating anxiety disorders aim to move from a paralyzing state to a more adapted behavior.

« The majority of studies attest to a significant effectiveness of virtual reality exposure therapy in the treatment of various mental disorders »Eric Malbos, Psychiatrist.

Scientific Committee - Dr. Eric Malbos, Marseille Conception hospital