C2Neuro is a virtual and interactive supermarket made to evaluate neuropsychological abilities. It can also be used for practical therapies working on grip or shelvings

For brain-damaged patients with daily activities issues, virtual reality exposure therapy is the only therapy working on the patient’s executive disorders. Cognitive requests are more complete and more complicated compared to traditional exercises. (Klinger, 2006)

About cognitive functions, the best way to prevent the fall is to train the brain and the memory. The “useing or losing” well-known expression is particularly true in this case (Laver & al., 2011, Massetti & al., 2018).

Reiterated exploration and practice in immersive environments improve spatial memory (Stanton & al., 1998), and give a better spatial skill transfer (McComas & al., 1998).


C2Neuro : Virtual supermarket

Many uses can be done in C2Neuro with a virtual supermarket :

  • Doing groceries according to a list
  • Articles shelving
  • Grabbing articles

Patients have to go around the supermarket and walk from shelf to shelf using environmental cues. The evaluation and the daily instrumental activity reeducation are major keys for reinsertion to brain-damaged people.

Doing groceries put forward many cognitive functions such as

  • Executive functions
  • Working memory
  • Orientation
  • Spatial navigation

All of these functions are major to tend to an autonomous life.


An optimized and simplified evaluation

With ecological environments, you can put your patients in a daily life situation to evaluate executive functions. This virtual reality environment reproduces the supermarket pencil-paper test to give optimized results. Independant and targeted cognitive functions can be worked with the stepwise tasks.

Immersing experience is the most useful way to work on cognitive fall and optimize skill transfer. C2Neuro is within a new wave in the neurological care of virtual reality.

Going to a supermarket isn’t mandatory anymore. Using C2Neuro gives a new evaluation method and ecological remediation. This doesn’t require too much time and too many people, and the patient’s safety is preserved (Schultheis & Rizzo, 2001). C2Neuro can be used for cognitive functions but also for motor and practical functions.


List of useful exercises in C2Neuro:

Find out all the available environments depending on exercises you want to work on.

C2Neuro - Supermarket

Neuropsychological evaluation

Ecological supermarket environnement is offered by C2Neuro to simulate in a realistic way the groceries activity and learning contexts. The executive function can be evaluated by observing : memory functions with memorizing a grocery list, spatial orientation abilities to find what’s asked, instructions understandings and social abilities.

C2Phobia Buildings

Practical abilities

Many environments to shelf, to grab articles and to work on grip are available in C2Neuro. They stimulate people’s motor and practical abilities, by shelving articles or by grabbing various sizes of objects.

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