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    Tobacco addiction

    Tobacco addiction occurs fairly quickly after the first few drinks. The body develops an addiction and weaning must be done gently.

    There are approximately 50 million people in America who are addicted to some type of tobacco product, including cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, and snuff. Nicotine addiction is the most common addiction in America

    France has 15 million smokers. Between the ages of 26 and 75, they consume an average of 15 cigarettes a day and nearly half of them show signs of tobacco addiction.

    Virtual reality to overcome tobacco addiction

    For more than 30 years, virtual reality exposure therapies have demonstrated their effectiveness in the treatment of anxiety disorders and addictions such as smoking… Gradual and progressive exposure to virtual reality can desensitise you and significantly reduce your anxiety.

    « 72% of smoking patients who were exposed to virtual reality therapy did not relapse. » Eric Malbos, Doctor Psychiatrist

    C2Care, leader mondial de la réalité virtuelle (VR) thérapeutique depuis 2015, vous permet à présent de vous exposer depuis votre domicileUn psychologue vous accompagne dans votre prise en charge à l’aide des thérapies cognitivo-comportementales (TCC) et de l’exposition à la réalité virtuelle pour vaincre votre addiction.

    C2Addict - Tabac

    Over 1000 patients already treated, be the next!

    Virtual reality adapts to your phobia


    When you are at home, alone, in the morning with your coffee and newspaper, it is difficult to resist the urge to smoke that cigarette. In the evening, with your friends, it seems impossible not to have your pack near you. These environments will allow you to get used to these situations and make your desire to smoke disappear in your home, whatever the circumstances.

    C2Addict - Tabac en appartement
    C2Addict - Tabac

    Public places

    Some outdoor places may make you want to have a cigarette. When you are in certain situations, or you see others around you smoking, it can be hard for you to resist. When you are waiting for the bus in the bus shelter, having a drink on the terrace or at the counter, or going to a tobacco shop, you will learn to manage your emotions and reduce your urge to smoke.

      Do you need help ? A psychologist calls you

      How does it work?


      I get my headset

      You will receive a virtual reality headset with unlimited access to our software, or, if you are already equipped, you can choose to have only the software. Our packages are carefully packed and shipped very quickly.

      Séance visiothérapie

      I carry out my sessions

      During 2 sessions per month, the psychologist and yourself will discuss your tobacco addiction in order to understand it and to give you the necessary tools to reduce it. You will be exposed to virtual reality in a progressive manner adapted to your addiction.

      Homme avec casque vr

      I use my headset autonomously

      Apart from the sessions with your psychologist, you will be able to repeat as many times as necessary the exposure to the different  addiction situations.


      Each person tells in their own words about the support they have received and the major changes that have taken place in their lives. All these testimonies are proof that yes, one’s life can change, and that we are doing everything we can to guide you on the path to that change.

      Emma P.

      I had been trying to quit smoking for 5 years. I tried everything: nicotine patches, hypnosis, vaping… All to no avail! Each time, after only a few weeks, I resumed my consumption as if it had never stopped. Rather desperate, I started to look for a new solution on the Internet. This journey is the most beautiful discovery I have ever made. It’s been more than a year now since I’ve had my virtual reality therapy. I haven’t had a single cigarette since. I am BREATHING!

      Émilie C.

      Hello, I became a mother 4 years ago. Although I had stopped smoking during my pregnancy by trying hypnosis and specialised books, I quickly started again after the birth of my son. I have always been afraid of indirect smoking and therefore of damaging my son’s health. Worse still, I think I was very afraid of influencing him and that one day he would become a smoker himself… Anyway. So I wanted to stop, but without neglecting my new life as a mother. The VR therapy from my home helped me a lot! Today, I have a clear conscience and a healthy son! Thank you for this!

      Éric B.

      A new resolution for my 40th birthday: to take control of my life after years of excess and I don’t know how many kilos of cigarettes. Being out of breath going up the stairs, the shame…. That’s when I realised that getting my life back was already about quitting smoking. My journey with my therapist really helped me to fight against this old addiction that had been ingrained in me. Today, I can climb stairs without suffocating and I feel much younger!