Around 2 to 5% of the French population suffers from acrophobia.

Virtual reality therapies have proved their efficiency in anxiety disorder’s care and in particular in specific phobias such as the fear of heights. Being exposed regularly in virtual reality will lead us to a desensitization of the fear and a reduction of your anxiety in this situation.

« Virtual reality has shown 80% of efficiency, and the benefits are maintained for more than a year after the therapy. » Eric Malbos, Psychiatric doctor

C2Care, virtual reality therapeutic software world leader since 2015, makes available the possibility to expose yourself directly at home. To overcome this fear, psychological assistance is made to give you cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques and with virtual reality exposure.

C2Phobia VR environment

Why using virtual reality for acrophobia ?

VRETs (Virtual Reality Exposure Therapies) immerse you in a virtual reality with the help of a headset. This therapy is based on the principles of cognitive and behavioral therapy.

You will be able to be exposed to different heights (from the 1st floor to the top of a skyscraper) and thus be confronted in a gradual and progressive way to the different environments, while remaining in a secure place.

Repeated exposure to different situations will allow you to get used to it and will reduce your anxiety about it.

C2Phobia Buildings
C2Phobia Roof building
Software phobia height bridge
C2Phobia Roof building

How does it work ?

You receive a virtual reality headset with unlimited access to the software. If you already have your headset, you can directly have access to the software. You are able to expose yourself in various environments linked to acrophobia (highways’ bridges, buildings, cranes…).

Simultaneously, twice a month, you have appointments with a psychologist to help you with your anxiety. During these consultations, you are using the virtual reality headset. It’s helpful to discuss and to understand more about your acrophobia, and to have useful tools to handle your anxiety. The exposure is gradual and adapted to your needs and to your anxiety.

Marie B. 51 years old

“What an experience ! C2Care’s team is really reactive and welcoming. Moreover, the software offers a wide range of virtual environments. I have really liked the one with the building. What I have appreciated most is that we are not thrown directly into anxious situations. For example, I have started on the first floor with big guardrails. Little by little, the psychologist made me go higher, and then started to take off the fences that were protecting me. If someone told me that I would be able to do what I did, I would never have trusted him.”

Paola R. 49 years old

I am missing a lot of fun time with my kid because of my fear of heights. I see them growing up, and I put limits on what I do with them. But I would love to share every moment with them : amusement parks, hikes, monuments visits (Eiffel Tower), treetop adventures and so much more. But only the idea makes me freeze. I want to overcome my fear. I want to give the best example for my kids. Virtual Reality situations are great exercises for me.With the psychotherapy associated, I can see, little by little, the difference.”

Franck M. 32 years old

I have always been scared of heights, and it was getting worse as I grew older. A friend of mine advised me on this program, and I can’t thank her enough. Getting over that fear by exposing myself was inconceivable for me. I would never have done it if it wasn’t in Virtual Reality. Today, only after a couple of months of therapy, I am reborn. I am discovering so many activities that I would never have dared doing before.