20% of the global population suffer from the fear of flying.

For more than 30 years, virtual reality therapies have proved their efficiency in anxiety disorders and in phobias such as the fear of flying (aviophobia). Being exposed regularly in virtual reality will lead us to a desensitization of the fear and a reduction of your anxiety in this situation. 

« Virtual reality has shown 80% of efficiency, and the benefits are maintained for more than a year after the therapy » Eric Malbos, Psychiatric doctor

C2Care, virtual reality therapeutic software world leader since 2015, makes available the possibility to expose yourself directly at home. To overcome this fear, psychological assistance is made to give you cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques and with virtual reality exposure.

Fear of flying C2PHOBIA

Why using virtual reality in aviophobia ?

VRET (Virtual Reality Exposure Therapies) are based on Cognitive-Behavioral therapies (CBT). You are being exposed to a situation similar to reality using a virtual reality headset.

Gradually, you are going to be exposed to different situations and steps linked to your aviophobia (airport hallway, boarding, fly, air turbulence…) safely. The exposure can be reiterated as needed to create the habituation and make the anxiety disappear.

C2Phobia Airport concourse
C2Phobia Boarding bridge
C2Phobia On board
C2Phobia in the plane

How does it work ?

You receive a virtual reality headset with unlimited access to the software. If you already have your headset, you can directly have access to the software. You are able to expose yourself in various environments linked to your fear of flying (from the airport entrance to the landing).

Simultaneously, twice a month, you have appointments with a psychologist to help you with your anxiety. During these consultations, you are using the virtual reality headset. It’s helpful to discuss and to understand more about your aviophobia, and to have useful tools to handle your anxiety. The exposure is gradual and adapted to your needs and to your anxiety.

At the end of the 3 months subscription, you can keep going on the therapy if you want to.

Véronique T. 34 years old

“In my job, my fear of flying was a handicap : impossible to get on a plane. I couldn’t go to profesional trips and was doing video calls instead. But today, that fear is limiting the possibilities to push forward my working career. C2Care is offering a lot of environments linked to my anxiety : airport hallways, boarding, during the flight and much more. I am going slowly, but to my own rhythm. Today, I am doing short-haul flights and it won’t stop me from being promoted.”

Marie K. 45 years old

“I am a happy mother of the 3 most beautiful kids on earth. Unfortunately, they are growing up too fast. When the oldest went to live in Tokyo, my heart literally broke. I couldn’t help being even more devastated thinking that I wouldn’t see him for a long time because of my fear of flying. Indeed, we were calling each other, but I felt like I was missing so many moments with him. To face my fear, virtual reality and psychotherapy helped me. I was confronted with virtual situations such as being sat in a plane in security. It would have been hard to practice in reality.” 

Juliette M. 41 years old

“I have been very anxious to go back on a plane after a turbulent flight. I am a huge fan of traveling, and I was ready to do anything to get rid of that fear. Because my next travel to South America is planned for the beginning of next year, I put a lot of hope in C2Care and in their VR headset. For now, consultations are going perfectly well : psychotherapies are reassuring, and VR makes me face my fear, and it’s all I wanted ! I love it ! I am really optimistic about the success of my treatment : Argentina, here I come !!”