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Applications for vestibular reeducation, proprioceptive reeducation, functional reeducation of the upper and lower limbs.

C2Physio is a physiotherapy software for Virtual Reality that is designed and produced by a team of researchers and practitioners in close cooperation. The C2Physio solution immerses the patient into environments allowing the assessment of mobility, vestibular rehabilitation and functional rehabilitation (upper and lower limb).


C2Physio offers innovative programs for functional rehabilitation. As the exercises are fun and user friendly they encourage engagement in patient care. The app records calculations of precise movements that makes it possible for the health professional to assess the patient’s mobility and proprioception.

All exercises offered can be repeated indefinitely and are customizable to meet the needs of the patients. Virtual Reality also offers a playful aspect, which increases therapeutic benefits. This combined, create as distracting dimension that reduces the fear of pain, that can be an obstacle when doing repetitive movements for the patient.


The C2Physio application gives physiotherapists a new tool to equip their practice with, that in Virtual Reality recreates all the environments necessary for vestibular disorders.

Several exercises are available and gives the option to customize, for each unique patient:

– Vector visuals
– Visual flow (tunnel)
– Optokinetic stimulation
– Motion sickness
– Fear of heights

c2 physio application thérapie réalité virtuelle


Rehabilitation in physiotherapy using virtual reality has been the subject of several studies to assess its effectiveness. The results indicate that the use of virtual reality promotes patient motivation during vestibular rehabilitation exercises with conclusions on physical determinants being as effective as conventional exercises. 

In addition, emphasis has been put on the fact that the use of Virtual Reality increases the pleasure felt during rehabilitation. The experiments have also demonstrated a significant difference in the reduction of pain – post exercise – experienced by the patient. 

The scientifical current literature is entirely in favor of the use of virtual reality as it has demonstrated effectiveness in the management of vestibular disorders.

c2 physio application thérapie réalité virtuelle

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c2care r&d

The C2Care research and development department is a partnership between a medical committee of physiotherapists together with application developers. Their combined experience has made the environments of C2Physio possible, thanks to the technology offered by Virtual Reality.

The C2Physio solution provides new rehabilitation programs that offer the patients fun and pleasant exercises that can be practiced independently.

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