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Find out our unique medical solution to work efficiently in reeducative institutions with patients suffering from cerebral lesions.
Our virtual reality solutions are made to respond to the health institutions needs who are working with brain-damaged patients or with cognitive disorders.

Our tools are made for all the healthcare professionals who are working on readaptation (Neuropsychologists, ergotherapists, physiotherapists, psychomotor therapists…). Our software helps to optimize the brain-damaged patients on autonomy and rehabilitation. We also guarantee a high level of data’s protection with having a software made to host personal health data.

Virtual reality for rehabilitation

For quite a long time, health’s definition was the sickness’ absence. This concept has brought care based on symptoms suppression.

Since 1946, the World Health Organization defines health as “ a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not only an absence of sickness or disability”. With this idea, medical care evolve to the patient’s global care integrating the well-being concept and life conditions.

Brain-damages, whatever the causes (trauma, cardio-vascular accident, inflammation, tumor, substance’s taken…), they mostly have serious sequelaes.

Cardio-vascular accidents is the principal adult cause of disability. Head injuries are the primary cause for those less than 45 years old. Moreover, multiple sclerosis is the first non-traumatic disability in young adults. Brain lesions consequences depend on each case, but there often is:

  • Physical disorders : Motors, practicals, balance, senses
  • Cognitive disorders : lack of executive functions, languages, memory, attention
  • Behavioral disorders : apathy, lack of inhibition…
  • Psycho-affective disorders : anxio-depressive symptoms, anhedonia…

Since 2015, C2Care has wanted to develop virtual reality software for well-being and health. After creating virtual reality therapeutic software for mental health, mostly made for virtual reality exposure therapies (VRET), we offer rehabilitation and readaptation solutions in the global care.


Virtual reality and rehabilitation : feasibility and efficiency, from the scientific eye

Reeducation profesional are confronted with a lack in the ecological validity of the tools proposed in neuropsychology.

Indeed, sometimes some people with daily life issues have results saying there is no pathology, particularly when the neuropsychological evaluation is made in a calm and in non-distracted environment (Manchester & al., 2014).

The problem is the same in cognitive remediation. Some ecological tasks require a lot of time and human needs, and there eventually is, some risks for the patients.

Medical applications in virtual reality offers an immersing experience in a context where it’s possible to work on specific cognitive functions or, in contrary, to a combination of cognitive tasks (Renison & al., 2012).

Virtual reality also gives a total control of all the stimuli and of the patient’s response, which allows you to adapt the exercise difficulties to your patient’s abilities. Moreover, a better skill transfer as paper-pencil exercises in daily life has been noticed (Schultheis & Rizzo, 2001). This solution isn’t expensive, doesn’t require much time and many people, and guarantees people’s safety. Many studies have proved the virtual reality remediation’s efficiency on different population:


  • Cardio-vascular accident (Laver & al., 2011 ; Massetti & al., 2018)
  • Traumatic brain injuries (Alashram & al., 2019 ; Maggio & al., 2019)
  • Mild cognitive impairement (Moreno & al., 2019)
  • Alzheimer disease (Moreno & al., 2019)
  • Other neurological pathologies : cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries (Massetti & al., 2018)
  • Schizophrenia (Brun & al., 2017)
C2Physio - Cervical rehabilitation

Functional reeducation

C2Physio is composed of environments made to work on patient’s mobility and proprioception. Many functionalities are made to be able to evaluate different physical abilities.
C2Physio - Vestibular

Vestibular physical therapy

C2Physio offers different environments for the profesional to treat vestibular disorders.
C2Phobia - Crowd in motion

Cognitive and motor’s reeducation

A supermarket ecological environment is available in C2Neuro. Different functions can be worked in, like executive functions, working memory, orientation, spatial navigation, practical abilities and grip.
Motor’s disorder care

Motor’s disorder care

Many environments can be found for shelf placement, article or objects input to stimulate practical and grip abilities.
C2Drive - Daytime Highway

Evaluating the ability to drive again

Virtual reality can reproduce different driving situations with various conditions. C2Drive evaluates the risk’s level and the abilities to drive on different types of roads (highway, city, bridge…)
C2Brain - Memory

Cognitive Stimulation

C2Brain offers the possibility to stimulate patients’ cognitive abilities through easy, ludic and motivating games.

C2Phobia Spiders

Hypnosis and relaxation

C2hypno is composed with different relaxing environments made, in particular, to decrease anxio-depressive disorders. Moreover, these environments can also be used to handle pain.

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